Info on the Consciousness & Healing Properties of Stones

The Wise and Passionate You"
by Eugenia Oganova is a manual for your energy system that you wish you had when you were born! The real magic of life is about Reality bleeding through the Illusion; it is the process of awakening. This book consists of detailed information on:
 • the energy field
 • chakras
 • the color and sound resonance
 • the physical body as energy
 • how illnesses are created and how you can heal yourself
         • how to come into more conscious contact with your Soul-Self
         • how to become an authentic and joyful individual
         • how to be in control of your destiny
         • how to courageously face your emotional pain
         • how to develop balanced relationships
         • how to confidently manifest through your intention
         • how to become a purposeful creator of your life.
 How to Create with Spirit" 
by Eugenia Oganova is a comprehensive and practical explanation about how to take charge of your Personal Reality and create with Spirit. At some point in time, every person arrives at an understanding that material life is not all that there is. Questions like “Why am I here?” begin to surface… This book consists of detailed information on:
• Understanding of your personal energy “broadcast” and how to remain in control of it
• Clarifying your Soul’s desires, and the setup of proper intention for their manifestation
• Safety and release of the victim mode of thinking/feeling
• Use of sacred geometry, toning, colors and channeling for personal harmonization
• Understanding of Spirit and the Light/Code of the Universal Hologram
• Understanding and appropriate use of your Divine Rights and Responsibilities
• Discernment
• Self-Mastery through the use of the Higher Mind
• Creation of personal reality through internal Alchemy
• Perpetual cellular regeneration by increasing personal Light quantity
• Self-care techniques for the health of the body, emotions, Mind and Soul.
As you go through many lifetimes, you accumulate knowledge, experiences and wisdom. Soul Symbols are visual records of your Soul's wisdom, compressed into a picture that is then engraved on a piece of silver, gold or platinum, and can be worn by you to support your link with your Soul. Each symbol is unique and never repeated. For a an extra fee we also provide a digital image of your Soul Symbol in high resolution, which can be used on your website, business cards, promotional materials.

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This beautiful jewelry is custom made by Eduard Oganov, an Armenian-Russian jewelry designer, and energetically amplified by Eugenia Oganova. For almost 30 years Eduard Oganov has achieved this unique style without casting, by bending/shaping/soldering - all one-of-a-kind designs. Each unique design is set in the highest quality of silver (sometimes with gold), which anchors the medicinal qualities of the stones. Besides the pictures of jewelry, available for order, this site has a lot of information about the stone's properties, which are derived from my communication with the stones themselves. In all the jewelry pieces Eduard makes, the stone's energy is amplified and anchored by Eugenia through a special energy enhancement process. This allows the jewelry to interact with your physical body and your energy field, support and re-balance the body and hold clear, strong charge for the energy patterns of healing and personal transformation. Not only aesthetically beautiful, this jewelry is the Stone-Energy-Medicine for Harmony.
Stones have particular energy-consciousness given to them by the Earth and the Universe through the sacred geometry and the sound codes of their atomic structure. Think of it as a "stone personality". There is a lot of information available about the qualities of stones, but unfortunately most of it is heavily based on projecting your power onto the stone and using stones for protection amulets and such. That is a low consciousness use of stones. Each stone has a layered consciousness matrix, which results in unique healing properties of a very high consciousness pattern. On this site you will find the information about these healing properties and ways to apply it to yourself, and your life.

Eugenia Oganova grew up surrounded by many magnificent earth stones because her father, Eduard Oganov, designed jewelry at home. As a clairvoyant mystic, Eugenia communicated with these stones from a very early age. Today all the stones in the jewelry pieces designed by her father, are energetically enhanced to amplify healing qualities of each stone. The stone's amplified consciousness has a tremendous positive effect on the physical, emotional and mental bodies, on personality's perceptions, and offers loving support on the path of spiritual growth. 

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