Ego: Friend or Foe?

ImageCredit: InspireYourSpirit
Ego is a necessary element of outer self-expression here in 3-D. It is a focal point of personal awareness and serves as a perceptual filter for interpreting external life and functions in relation to the trinity of Soul, personality, and physical body. 

There is a lot said about “getting rid of Ego” as a way to “become spiritual”. But Ego is a needed component of personal development, and eventually we will dissolve it and experience Unity consciousness, but until that happens, we must learn to have a healthy, balanced, aware, secure Ego. 

Think of this pathway:

Body  Lower Self (defenses)  Ego  Higher Self (wisdom) Soul-Self

As you can see, between the physical body and the Soul there are all these personality components. The Higher Self is one side of the “developmental river” and the Lower Self is the other, while the Ego is like a ferry boat between them. If the ferry is parked on the Lower Self side, the personality is allied with and to its fears and defenses. If the ferry is attempting to be a boat and traverse the river, staying in the middle, the Ego is lost in the social human drama. If on the other hand the ferry is attached to the Higher Self side, then the Ego is allied with our inner wisdom, love and knowledge.

Having a healthy ego is the gateway to the comprehension of the Soul-Self. The act of compensation/compensating (i.e. needing to prove) is the reaction of an underdeveloped Ego, which creates weakness. Ego strives for some kind of external validation, trying to be good enough, or the opposite, being above others in arrogance. The ego is always setting up unrealistic goals for us, thus insuring the catch-22 of being disappointed and failing to achieve the goal that was false in the first place! Releasing perfectionism, competition, self-denial, worthlessness, judgment and other destructive Ego patterns creates space for the witnessing of the Self. The state of truly witnessing is the state of the balanced Ego. 


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