Galactic Human

A Galactic Human is an individual whose consciousness is fully anchored in matter with advanced awareness. This consciousness is capable of taking the lessons that life presents, and so fully experiences them, that enlightenment is the result. There are different degrees of enlightenment and three necessary components for its step by step progression are:
  • Self Desire (I want to be me)
  • Moment Embracement (the Now Point as teacher) 
  • Core Stability (depth of personal anchoring)
The universal energies are accelerating and we are experiencing this as an internal alarm for awakening. This acceleration pressures our thoughts, emotions and bodies, forcing us to pay attention in new ways. This can be painful and uncomfortable since our Soul’s light hits our blocks (misconceptions, untruths, fears etc.) and if we are not accepting of this discomfort, we sabotage our Soul’s descent further into Body, stopping its flow into matter. Your Self knows what is real, what is judged or feared and why. We need to look at the relationship between the known/predictable/comfortable and the unknown/unpredictable/uncomfortable, and how the balance of these affect change. Evolution requires change. When we fear change we shrink our life force, close down and suffer and make it harder for Soul’s energy to teach us. As our desire for Soul union strengthens, we move faster into its embrace.

One of the most pervasive destroyers of quality of life is inauthenticity. We are conditioned to fear our real Self and instead project out only the acceptable which then creates mediocrity. With awakening comes the need to self-express, but we often have difficulties with this, even though the desire is strong. Fear of retaliation leads to hiding, a common karmic pattern whose origin is in the need for acceptance. This need to be socially accepted often clashes with the desire for true self-expression, thus creating internal friction and judgment. Intense honesty, sustained commitment and compassion will help clear this friction. When the desire to authentically express Self is not matched by the power of true Self esteem, then expression becomes either an irresponsible action or an impatient waiting for inspiration. With conscious investigation these patterns can be recognized and dismantled. 

We must build a conscious pathway between the physicality of body, the mind and the energy field. This trinity is our personal translation device. One of the requirements for being a Galactic Human is a healthy boundary. Learn the difference between protection and containment and that understanding will support you on your journey. Protection is destructive to your Self, while containment is healing. We are enveloped by our own energy but also constantly surrounded and bombarded by other types of energies. Some belong to us, others do not. The interface point between Self and “other” is the zone of the healthy boundary and this is where we learn respect. Recognizing subtle differences between your own energy levels/chakras and other energy forms is what strengthens this respect and builds the courage necessary to evolve.

The Galactic Human is always in a state of health because the idea of true health is a state of becoming. It is a very different concept of health than we are socially used to. We often see health as no pain, or no fear, or “always happy.” This is an old program in the human psyche based on generations of karmic fear and distorted understanding. A more balanced view of health leads to practicing techniques that reprogram body systems:
  • The Etheric and Truth levels of the energy field are blueprints for body health – they hold the 100% perfect body template and aligning with these two levels will help your physical body remember how to be healthy.
  • The Emotional and Astral levels also play a huge role in health – the can either support us by being calm and harmonious, or disrupt our health with fears, worries, and other emotional storms.
  • The Mental and Conceptual levels set the tone for the design and maintenance of health or disease, based on our beliefs and ideas about life, that then shape our attitudes, which then affect how we see our place in life, our physical conditions and our processing, either as components of lessons or as punishment for some perceived wrong-doing!
Life is for living, not for preserving yourself so you can live later! This fully-lived-with-passion life requires pauses and movement shared in a balanced rhythm.

Another necessary component for becoming a Galactic Human is personal responsibility. This is not possible without acceptance of the stance of inner authority. Responsibility is the galactic component of the creator power within us. We are the Self who makes our reality. Sinking fully into any experience with the knowledge that we are excavating it for the inner lesson, helps us claim that lesson and shed the victim. We are designed to perceive the Reality behind the illusion. Knowing our personal galactic patterns helps in distinguishing the illusory mirror image from the Reality behind it.

The subtlest sensation can only be perceived as truth when it is grounded in the densest level of existence. We are created to experience a huge range of universal awareness. Our home is the entire universe. When we try to escape the densest level, the physical body, we forfeit this privilege of universal awareness. We exist in a matter-based vehicle that acts as an anchor for the entire perceptory experience of the Soul. The body is our home base and knowing our truth keeps us grounded. Being able to turn the externally seen “reality” inside out and know the truth behind it, releases games and agendas. This frees us to be in passionate powerful curiosity and it is curiosity that is the driving force for all of creation.


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