Cellular Longevity

We are designed to be able to regenerate the body from any injury, and without aging. This is our heritage and each human being has the right to fully use this design now. We need to remember how to do it and get lots of practice with it. Take a look at the following:

There are two systems that stop this from happening:
  • the “inhibitors”
  • the “blockers”
The “inhibitors” are the etheric, conceptual, crystalline and Akashic markers. They are designed to limit regeneration to the frame of a current lesson (they are installed by the Soul and are “helpful” on our journey.) The “blockers” are karmic constrictions. They are encoded through long-term, very difficult karma, caused by a chronic backlog of unlearned lessons. While the “inhibitors” are there to help us process life at the appropriate speed (and once we do not resist life, they are released,) the “blockers” act by splitting our DNA into little malfunctioning pieces, thus wearing the body down. The “inhibitors” are like friendly speed bumps, and the “blockers” are like a cruel, unpredictable obstacle course. 

This is how we create the “blockers”:

  • we resist learning the lessons in life, and we become dis-eased/imbalanced;
  • this is the negative friction that generates the “blocker” code in our DNA;
  • it replicates – i.e. it becomes karmic (unfinished/unlearned lesson);
  • next lifetime we incarnate with this “blocker” already inside our genetics – i.e. the material body we make in that new lifetime will have the “blocker” pre-installed by our karma.
The “inhibitors” that we can release are the ones within our Soul Contract (the plan for this lifetime). We have them set in the first place so that we are able to focus on the learning of the Soul Contract, they pre-approved parameters. Once we achieve the learning, we release these “inhibitors”. 

“Blockers” are encoded by us, not the Soul, because of our chronic backlog of unprocessed karma, because of the chronic resistance to learning the lesson! Dealing with the resistance to learning our lessons (blaming others for our problems, emotional addictions to outcomes, victim patterns, etc.) is the way to clean up the “blockers.”

You can read more about the Genetic Hologram and how the DNA is affected in this excerpt from Eugenia’s book “Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit”

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