Chat with a Guide

We are never alone! We always have many Energy Beings around us. Some have nothing to do with us, and are just passing by, but many others are with us as their “sole mission” to attend to. We are truly very important and precious, and are at a critical juncture in our species development where making stronger connections with our guides is essential.
  • We receive medical support, for the machinery of our bodies and energy fields, from the Medical Team guides. 
  • We are always supported by our personal guides. 
  • We even have playmate guides, to share joyful or sad moments with. 
Each of us has a particular way of communicating with our guides, even if we do not know what that is. We must look at what these particular ways are in order to establish a more conscious connection with our guides. It is important as we are learning how to build guide connection, that we are willing to “not get it right” as in if we get it right we can trust the guides and if we get it wrong then we are just na├»ve or not capable. Learning any new language takes time and practice and as we build these communication circuits, we benefit by receiving clearer guidance and feeling safer, day by day! 

One strategy of how you can find your own way of communication with a guide is to look for how you usually perceive life. Do you notice colors and can easily imagine things? Do you focus on sounds, on how people talk, and notice the volume easily? Are you more of a “words person”? One who pays close attention to the meaning of words, to how they are pronounced or used incorrectly? Or are you one who does not like noticing little details, but likes to focus on the general feel of an event instead? Once you figure out your own primary way of experiencing life, you can try that way with a guide and see what happens. Then it might be much easier to experience your energy guides using that approach.

You can find out more about the communication with the energy guides in this video, based on Eugenia’s book “Mission Alpha: The Wise and Passionate You”

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