Current Victim Consciousness Global Status Report

Victim consciousness is ending on Earth. Gaia is complete with her exploration of it, and Pi has never been interested in its exploration. It may take some time yet for the victim pattern to become ancient history for the human species, but it is for sure on its way out. It was a necessary part of our training and growth, so that we could understand true power, because to truly understand a concept like power, we must know about its opposite. Now we must release our own addictions to the “victim mode of life”. Because we have gone through this Victim Experiment with Gaia, we all have a Victim to heal. We are doing this healing of the Victim individually and as a global program. Every time we experience irritability, doubt, confusion, hatred, rage, or worthlessness, the Victim is asserting its power and calling us to heal it. In the Victim Experiment, Gaia, and all of us, chose to explore the Victim theme so that as we began to comprehend true power we could harness it and use it for awakening, and to build a Self that is capable of rising to Love. The Victim consciousness is a self-inflicted “infection” pattern, located inside of each of our energy fields and bodies. 

These exercises will help you dismantle and transmute the “victim infection”:
  • The words of power like “I choose…” and “I decide…” will help with the intention of anti-victim work, but the intention wording must be from the positive stance (i.e. “I choose to stand strong the next time that I meet my parents” instead of “I choose not to falter and collapse next time I see my parents”). Use of this powerful, positive intent builds inner authority and that makes it easier to withstand, and stand up to, the toxicity of the Victim consciousness. It helps us in becoming our own Hero, one who is strong with conviction.
  • Geometric shapes are amazing activators of anti-victim programs. By using your imagination to help yourself “see” vertical lines, you will feel inner authority, use the shape of triangles for detachment, and cubes for stability, then your swift return to equanimity and peace will be more assured. Imagining a shape inside of or around your body will help when you find yourself in the moment of a “victim wobble” !!
  • The sounds of power are perfect anti-victim codes – use intense, pulsating, and quick breathing out, like a dragon’s fire, when you begin to experience fear and victim feeling, and a high-pitched note of angelic energy to help you feel the support of the Universe. And just sing songs that give you courage, or make you feel a stronger connection to your highest Self. This can often work much better than trying to “over-think” to get relief or to find a solution. 
  • The element of Fire can also be used as an anti-victim aid. Just focus on the flame of a candle, or imagine a bright flame inside of yourself, or create an imaginary “ring of fire” around your body. These tools build and balance our internal fire (Self-Identity) and the fire clears the way for us to experience the Soul’s Freedom in bodily form. The experience of Freedom is the melody of the Soul. 

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