The Power of England & the Magic of Ireland (Balancing the Male & Female archetypes)

In this workshop we will look at England and Ireland as paired partners in an evolutionary story. The history of England and Ireland goes back much further in time, than our current written history recognizes or allows. England holds the power of the male archetype, and Ireland holds the magic of the female one.

An archetype is an original energetic program, or design function, that dictates how the truest expressions of its characteristics are embodied. Everything in life grows, stays healthy and prospers, based on the balance of these two opposites: electric/male and magnetic/female. If the balance is not there, then pain and suffering occur. From the pain of physical illnesses to the suffering in political/religious systems, these opposite energies, when not balanced, become extreme. 

Long ago, in unrecorded history, the Atlantean civilization attempted to balance the male and female archetypes, among its many island states, and failed. Later on, other countries like Egypt and Greece worked on the same issue of balance between the opposites, and also eventually failed. Then came the time for England and Ireland to try. The story was passed to them. Since the previous attempts at balancing the two opposites had never been truly successful, England gradually inherited the negative, dysfunctional, extreme electric/male “charge,” becoming the focal point for punishing patriarchal control systems; while Ireland inherited the negative, dysfunctional, extreme magnetic/female “charge,” becoming the victim energy of helplessness and drunkenness, being lost and fragmented.

Obviously this does not reflect the healthy magic and power, inherent in these two countries, but the negative energies that they hold are very potent. England’s positive power connects to the unique inner value and specialness of the individual, while Ireland’s embodies the magic of how all of Life is connected and sharable/communal, and, it is the anchor point for the Middle Earth place where incarnating Souls enter. 

We will explore the roles, current and past, of these two countries as archetypal holders, and learn how the land itself, with its sacred sites, crop circles, earth mounds and stone monuments are ready to reveal many secrets. All of our human stories and dramas are played out in the lands of Earth, and each country on the planet has a contribution to make to our self understanding and wholeness. Now is the time to know the story of England and Ireland.

Price: $65
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