Mapping your Soul Direction

Curiosity allows the entity that we are to enter density and to learn; to have a direction. Curiosity helps us see the map that shows us where the treasure of our Souls can be found. Without it we are lost, discouraged, confused or depressed. We need to look at how the amount of charge that we have in our intention for curiosity is exactly proportional to the amount of life force that we allow ourselves to play with. Learn to know the difference between overly forced goals and true Soul direction. In the moments when we do not see any direction in life, we are trapped in the limitations of our self-imposed beliefs. These beliefs fake us out and move us away from clear sight and forward motion. Knowingness, located in the crown chakra and pleasure waves, sourced from the second chakra, are the two main areas from which to procure a map. Being able to experience our crown chakras and 2nd chakras simultaneously, supports our evolution, and our “finding of the map”, and must be practiced. 

The following three categories act like circular vice grips that trap and kill our intention and desire for achievement of the dream of following the Soul:
  • Distraction (which is desire for entertainment as an escape, is always a clue that we are not on the path, not feeling deeply, not in alignment with the Soul, and overly electric to boot!);
  • Procrastination (this is always an indicator of fear – so step outside of the circumstantial story and look for what are you REALLY afraid of!)
  • Disappointment (this is always based on a failed expectation! – examine your expectations and attachments to the outcome, and release the expectation/attachment. This generates positive detachment (trust) and being in harmony with the Soul’s perspective.
In order to break out of this trap, we need to know how it is made and how we wear it. How do we get seduced by these blocks? Staying on track, means following the map, and requires knowledge of these proverbial pitfalls so that we are not gripped by them. Then we can glide forward with grace instead of stumbling blindly. Self-orientation, finding the true trajectory, noticing signposts, and listening to inner guidance are crucial in reaching the dream of Soul’s direction. 

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