The Vibe of Sexual Attraction & Female Sexual Ignition

The experience of sexual attraction has always been a mystery to humans, and we tend to give power away when we feel attracted. There are four types of attraction:
  • Spiritual (this is when one Soul recognizes another, it is an attraction that unifies electric and magnetic forces, but has nothing to do with the material body).
  • Mental (this is when we feel we have found an ally on our journey – someone we can trust).
  • Emotional and Astral (this is usually a karmic attraction, based on the unprocessed emotional issues from other lives).
  • Chemical (this is the body-to-body sexual attraction).
Most people, when they think of an attraction, usually mean the chemical one.

How does sexual attraction happen? It is an elemental force, demonstrating the formula of compatibility of the chemical make-up of our bodies. It can feel very powerful and profound, but in and of itself it does not mean much! In our culture we glorify the chemical attraction as if it were the top of all attractions, but in reality it is only the physical unrefined component. Yes, it is a very strong dynamic when it occurs, and it feels super intense, but it has absolutely nothing to do with past lives, with Soul learning, or with emotional loving. You don’t even have to like the person and yet there is still this super-strong chemistry that is occurring!

What makes our physical bodies go into a state of sexual desire is the elemental formula of the body. Every person is born with a particular formula for their material presence indicating how much Fire, Air, Water and Earth they have taken on in this lifetime. When we find someone compatible to this formula (i.e. they have more of what we do not have) we feel attracted to them sexually.

How is the energy field involved in sexual charge? The energy field experiences the NEED for another person at the point of attraction. We feel that they have the elements that we do not possess, and so we want to link with them to gain the missing elements. 

Our personal elemental deficits, or over-abundances, play their role in the second-dimensional elemental formulas required for sexual attraction. Our Soul’s provides the drive, activating the need on many different energy levels, to acquire new frequencies for growth through sexual interaction.

The brilliance of the Soul’s strategy is in utilizing the sexual attraction to help us process our own issues and learn. We don’t have to make the new frequencies from scratch. By receiving them from a partner, and then weaving them into our aura, we accept the new frequencies and own them, amplifying (yin) and defining (yang) and multiplying more possibilities for creative power.

The energetic anatomy of the female body as it relates to sexuality is such that the Light reacts with the sexual fluids, activating them into a powerful alchemical mixture. That power can be supportive of us, or we can use it against ourselves, if we have not learned to master it yet.
  • When it is supportive: during orgasm the combination of Light and activated fluids creates an opening in the cellular membranes that attracts the more of our own Soul into the body. 
  • When it is against us: a woman does not feel fully safe and is not holding her own power, and so instead of receiving her own Soul, she receives all the negative astral energy from her partner (instead of “being a temple” she is being “a prostitute” in her energy alignment). Unfortunately, in this state a woman picks up about 7 years worth of negativity from a man. 
Choosing to clean up the past connections which do not feed and support a woman, choosing to release the astral baggage she has taken on from the men she’s been with, choosing to see herself as a temple of Light, these choices then make sexuality a spiritually beneficial experience. 

When a woman learns to “be the temple”, and also to clean up some of the karmic relationship issues from the past, she eventually releases the need for the sexual attraction in a chemical way (and its control over her), and then makes progress into the category of Spiritual attraction (metabolizing Light) which when coupled with the Mental, Emotional, and Chemical attractions makes the best relationship with another possible to have.


  1. Awesome article with some deep truth. We are duped into believing that the base level type of attraction is the Zenith when in truth IT IS the bottom of the barrel. The upper levels demand so much more energy and we mortals have become very lazy about working to achieve the higher levels. This article validated most of my perspectives on this subject.

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