Why Things Happen: Cellular Matrix of Intent

Intent is an extension of the Soul’s desire to explore life. It is a thrusting forward with momentum and conviction, yang-electric form of the Soul’s participation in the creation of reality. As an alignment of crystalline-type energy patterns, Intent penetrates the depth of a conscious being through all of the levels of the energy field and, when integrated into its densest component, becomes manifest.

The physical cells of our bodies are components of an elaborate network of crystalline energy structures. Every physical cell has multitudes of energy cellular blueprints and templates encompassing it. When all of these non-physical templates align with the matter-based cell itself, Intent anchors into physicality. Anchored Intent affects reality, like a cookie cutter pressing unto dough, we take from the substance of life and form our creations according to our coherent focus. Our lives change through anchored aligned Intent.

The physical Body is the last frontier of the Soul. It is encoded to respond to the Soul's light and transform that light into intelligence, wisdom, health and joy. It is the House of the Soul in the density of matter. 

Certain conditions are necessary for the Intent to manifest:
  • alignment of the crystalline energy structures through Intent
  • the correct cellular nutrients to feed the cell
  • our energy presence in the cell 
Incoherent Intent is a misalignment of the crystalline templates of the cell. This misalignment occurs because of competing and conflicting emotions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs. If we do not believe something can become manifest, we destabilize our crystalline-cellular Intent matrix and then what we desire cannot manifest. When human Intent is coherent (life-affirming), there is cooperation between emotions, feeling, thoughts and beliefs. This coherent Intent, when anchored into the biochemistry of the cell, powers our manifestations into reality.

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