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Traveling to England and Ireland with Energy Pulse was a rich multi-dimensional experience! I love getting to travel and become more enlightened at the same time! Isabelle and Eugenia are gifted guides and facilitators for this unique kind of journey. Not only did I enjoy the day to day cultural influences of both England and Ireland while visiting many historical sites; I got to merge with the ancient wisdom of the Druids and the energy templates at several Stone Circles! With guidance and direction from Isabelle and Eugenia, I felt honored to be one of many on this journey who worked to break down the global energy patterns of oppression generated by unhealthy patriarchal systems. Not only did we do this globally but personally I was able to release many blocks generated by my own wounds that had enabled and even promoted internal oppression. Likewise, I felt a great sense of gratitude and respect as I (along with every other traveler) helped anchor the infusion of Pi energy on the planet so that we all may embrace the freedom that comes with inner authority and personal power. To take a trip and be able to experience such multidimensional frequencies simultaneously is so profound. Since taking this trip the personal growth and energy shifting within my core has led me to trust myself more fully, to stand in my authentic power more frequently, and enter into deeper realms of self-awareness and self-love. I recommend Energy Pulse trips to anyone who enjoys visiting sacred sites, having deep, rich multidimensional experiences all while sharing stories, laughter, and adventures with like-minded travelers from all over the country. I can't wait until the next trip--to see what these amazing beings, Isabelle and Eugenia, conjure up!  
Lisa Hall

"Rain and Rainbows"
Perhaps my most favorite memory of this trip to England and Ireland happened on the last day in Ireland at Glendalough at the monastic site founded by St. Kevin. It was raining and windy and suddenly "Wow" the most magnificent rainbow I have ever seen appeared! It seemed a metaphor for all beauty of the lands and the people and all the difficulties expanding in an instant into Harmony in me and in the planet! It was a joy for me to see and feel the "Magic" of life in that moment!
On a more serious note:
Isabelle and Eugenia create a container for personal transformation to occur. On the trip, we learn the deeper meaning of the sacred places we visit. We are tourists on on 3 levels. First, we experience the beauty of the land and the people...exploring and enjoying the culture. Second, we witness and support the new energies entering the planet to transform (consciousness). Third, we integrate the new energies and "knowings" into our own lives and shift awareness.
The experience is priceless!
Here's more:
The trip to England and Ireland was a holographic exploration of the inner masculine and feminine - reflected in the beauty of the lands and the people and in me. To feel in each land the different energies and explore the new "knowings" in my own life...and to experience the longing for harmony within reflected in the stories of the two countries...and to honor and "know" the Harmony within...a gift beyond measure!
- Marge Smith

Dear Isabelle and Eugenia,
This wasn't my first trip to England and Ireland but the journey with Energy Pulse was magical, transformational and incredibly rewarding for me. I am truly grateful to you both for your guidance, support, love and humor along the way. The opportunity to help anchor Pi's energy as I worked through my own issues with authority and polarity and evolve will stay with me always. Blessings to you for working with the Solar Council and putting together an amazing trip...oh yes, and the delightful weather that stayed with us nearly everyday! Sign me up for the next trip!! Much love 

- Alison V

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