Why Things Happen: Personal, Political, Planetary

All of our experiences are opportunities for learning, encoded with wisdom. They are structured and sequenced perfectly to wake us up, step by step. We attract them to us with such precision exactly because they have the greatest chance of teaching us what we need to know. We even try them out in the dream state, before they manifest in physical life, just like a dress rehearsal. If we don't see, feel or know what the wisdom of the situation is, then we repeat the experiences until we get their wisdom. So, using the personal perspective, like a detective, approach each day with generous curiosity and alertness for what the Soul is trying to teach the Self. Having to repeat challenging experiences, until we learn, ensures three things:
  • that we learn how to look fully, straight on, at life (fearless and brave);
  • that we learn to love it (presence and acceptance);
  • that we know the power hidden at its core (willingness to change).
Our personal experiences create the politics of our social relationships which then create our global planetary reality. From the microcosm of one human life to the macrocosm of an entire planet, we all contribute to its well-being. Many ancient tribal warfare patterns of “us against them,” are getting dismantled, because as operating programs of planetary consciousness they are now archaic, and collaboration is set to take their place. We can stop the reality of war among humans by stopping the inner war that is within each of us. Knowing that our daily thoughts, feelings and actions affect everyone else on the planet is an empowering stance of self-responsibility and can change scarcity into abundance, judgment into tolerance and hatred into love.

The path to wisdom winds through responsibility to Self, to others and to the environment. There is enormous growth in living self-responsibly, and rewards for each of us if we can take full advantage of what happens every day, and then turn it into wisdom. One of these rewards is that the power center of the 3rd chakra learns how to hold more of the Fire Element and that translates as more self- esteem, passion and strength of character to be in Truth. Being in Truth then acts like a beacon that attracts the Light, and then Love just flows on in.

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