Why Things Happen: Insight and Clarity

Crystals have long been valued for their beautifully precise symmetry. This symmetry allows for the depth of clarity seen in the matrix of the crystal. They have an atomic structure that is so absolutely defined, each atom situated at an exact distance and angle from its neighbor creating an arrangement of such incredible stability, that many electronics and time keeping devices are based on them. That is extreme accuracy! Human beings have inherent sensory capacities that, when we know how to use them, function like crystals for clear seeing into the Self. It is a human-type of ‘crystalline mechanics’ for seeing any situation with the eyes of the Soul, using the 6th chakra (visionary) and also the solar plexus 3rd chakra (Self-Identity.)This type of seeing is like using the coherency of light from a laser (extreme focus), coupled with a psychic dependability for comprehending reality from many facets or points of view, leading one to Whole Seeing or Unity consciousness (seeing in totality without leaving anything out). 

By using the example of crystalline clarity, we can probe the events of our lives and decode them to understand why they are happening so that we learn the lesson the first time around. We can explore how to use the energy of insight to enhance self-trust for deeper knowing in these three areas:
  • emotional: balance and communication in relationships;
  • sourcing: abundance and sensory pleasure
  • physical: body health and well being
Every person is a unique composite of power and karma. Power is what we are already good at, what our assets are, and karma is the left over residue of what we haven't yet learned. Karma is not a punishment, but when experienced it is usually painful because of the misinterpretation of events. If we are willing to see into the karmic pain and process it, and really look without flinching, then the power that was trapped in the karma becomes clear, and is then made available for us to use. The “crystalline mechanics” of:
facing without flinching, seeing without prejudice, and processing with insight and love = the transmutation of our karma into our power.

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