Freedom Factor of Food

The food we eat is multidimensional consciousness anchored in matter. We can be controlled by food or liberated by it. Food can help to wake us up and make us more conscious, or it can keep us dulled and pulled back into being trapped by illusion. Food consists of many types of energies: 
  • Biochemical (feeds the material body)
  • mental (feeds the mind – information, knowledge, beliefs, social patterns)
  • emotional (feeds the emotional and astral bodies)
  • spiritual (feeds prana and etheric light to the field and to the body matrix)
The macronutrients of food are: protein (for structure), fats (for cushioning and lubrication), and carbohydrates (for fuel). The micronutrients of food are the phyto-chemicals and antioxidants and these act as the intelligence factors for getting this complex system of nourishing, growing, repairing and maintaining a physical form all to work in collaboration. For example, if we overload the system with too much fuel (carbohydrate), then structures collapse and don’t get repaired because there is too much room delegated to the storage of the excess fuel. If we do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, which are the source that provides the intelligence of the micronutrients, then we subvert the natural wisdom of the body and then the body forgets how to maintain balance. 

The mental and emotional components of a person control metabolism along with genetic and environmental influences. We can learn to consciously interact with food by using love and gratitude for having it, and encouraging the digestive process by chewing well and eating slowly. This helps heal our resistance to being in a dense body, the care and feeding of which is our responsibility and privilege, and not a burden. Also, by having a healthy attitude towards food as deep nourishment we can help ourselves heal from the harsh pattern of entitlement which is wanting more than we are willing to give.

The synchronization of our energies with our food aids biological processing in the physical body. Allergies, digestive issues, acidity, emotional eating, addictions and other problems are signs of vibrational friction between our consciousness and the consciousness of food. Learn to recognize the message in the foods that you crave, love, hate or fear, and then food truly becomes a friend.

Take a loving bite of an apple, the taste enters your mouth and becomes breath and blood, its applen-ness wraps around your muscles, encouraging, giving them the freedom to move towards God.

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