Creation: Falling Asleep & Waking Up

As the Source (the multitude of supply) exploded into creation, we began the path of Soul Identity. Forged through existence in differing dimensional realities this identity grows and develops. It creates forms out of its desire for expression. Here in the 3rd dimension these forms are called ‘physical life’. As we see the multidimensional patterns in our everyday lives and learn to follow only the ones that are in tune with our Soul Identity, we begin to consciously co-create with our Souls. This process involves intention anchored in form. The understanding of creation gives us access to the true Soul Identity. This Soul-Self is the creative principle utilized in all of the dimensions, as we descend into density and ascend out of it back to Source.

Creation: The Source of all existence became aware of itself through witnessing the push-pull dynamics of expansion and contraction. This internal movement, the infinity symbol, caused an origination point to occur, which allowed the Source to explode. This explosion of splitting awareness resulted in the creation of multiple universes. When the mechanics of universal creation are understood, then creation is complete at that juncture and can be used as raw material for new creations. Otherwise, what exists is the holographic matrix of unrealized creation. The Source, through its urge to know itself, pushed forward into exploration of its new creations through two forces: expansion and contraction. Pockets of reality called Universes allowed the Source to experience the infinite variations of itself. 

Falling Asleep: The essential component of creating in form is falling asleep, so that the previous knowledge of creation outside of density lies temporarily dormant. This allows us to learn how to create by understanding the reality that is unique to each dimension. We are living in a multi-dimensional incomplete universe. An incomplete universe is an unrealized universe, while a complete one is realized or actualized. Our universe is developing as a part of a “double tube-torus” (a twin system), one realized (referred to as Tri) and one unrealized (ours). Our twin universe, the Tri, is already realized, while we are now in the process of completion.

Waking Up: The pendulum of creation is the cycle of falling asleep and coming back to full awareness. This is how the Source evolves. The waking up aspect of this cycle begins when we have completely anchored in density, gone as far into the asleep cycle as possible, and then begin to make our way back out of density. The crucial element of actualization-completion is reaching awareness through the embracement of density. 

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