Power Imprinting

Each human is born with innate attributes of power. These are the aspects of ourselves that involve talents, abilities, and competency, so that we can experience magnetic fulfillment and satisfaction. These are our graces. Each person can take a well-developed personal power and apply the STRENGTH of that known commodity to any area of their lives where they are stuck or have fear of.

This includes the techniques of: 
  • power overlays (copying an archetypal dynamic or stance );
  • power foundation (worthiness); 
  • power synergy (intention);
  • power additives (affirmations, journaling, daily practice of meditation etc.)
One of the easiest ways to figure out how to stand powerfully in any situation is to research and find a person whom you consider to be powerful, who is in a similar situation or has dealt with one like you are in, and overlay their “power” onto yourself for a moment. This is the idea of “wearing the other person like an outfit”! It only works for few seconds, just enough time to give you the gist of the feeling, and in no way should be used as a substitute of your own development. How do you do this? 
  • Get grounded; 
  • feel your own vertical flow of energy; 
  • then simultaneously tune into a person (can be a real human being, can be a person from the past, can be an archetype from a fairytale, but it cannot be a “role in a movie” because then you will be tuning into an actor who might not possess the needed attributes at all!);
  • hold their image over your body, overlaying yourself. You can move your body to match that image if you’d like (as if you are holding a sword like a famous knight, or are graceful like an Elvin queen, etc.);
  • the most important part: notice what has changed in your system – i.e. what do they have, what do they use, that you do not have or use, so that when the overlay fades in few seconds, you can know what you need to practice to wield that power yourself!
The true feeling of deserving is based on worthiness. The essence of Self that is transmitted from the Soul level into physicality at birth must pass through a “shrinking” process in order to incarnate. It is this shrinking process that is at the base of all feelings of unworthiness, which is then further supported by the emotional pain that we have experienced in many lifetimes. But the pain is a teacher, it supports our awakening and our return to the Soul memory of true worthiness while in a physical 3-D world.

Anchored in the root charka is a type of power that when combined with the sound capacity of the throat charka can create what we command. This will only work if the throat charka and the root charka are aligned. This is the power of the spoken word in resonance with a grounded body. This alignment is an essential component of manifestation through intention.

Building on what we already posses from this lifetime and others, and by “borrowing” an imprint from others, we do not have to re-invent the wheel each time that we increase our capacity for more life. We are designed to be powerful! 


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