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Spiritually, mentally, physically – Egypt with Isabelle and Eugenia was intense, rich and mystical for me on all levels. This was an exquisite opportunity to experience and grow myself with ancient Beings and places; with present day Beings and places; new and old friends together for the mission, the adventure and the discovery. Our guides, Hatem and Fathyi were remarkable - making Egypt then and now come alive with color, personality, food, music, shopping, .customs, love and laughter. What an amazing gift they were to us. Our support system (accommodations, logistics, transportation, dining, communication, security) was 5 Star at all times.
The lessons, the temples, the sites, the unbelievable privacy and access, the grandeur, the ceremonies, the blessings – all were astonishing, private and sacred to me. The juice, the energy, the passion, the love, the awe, the beauty, the power, the healing, the compassion, the insight, the connection, the realization and transformation were created, expressed and shared with us by Isabelle and Eugenia. It was because of them that I went and because of them that I am processing the extraordinary gifts I continue to receive. Thank you, Isabelle and Eugenia and thank you all my beloved fellow travelers – you are and will remain a precious part of me. With love, 
- Nancy Zella

Dear Isabelle, Dear Eugenia, Thank you for Egypt!
I am very grateful for the obvious care with which you orchestrated the trip: choosing the sites where we visited and worked, leading that work, finding the beautiful hotels we stayed in, managing the weather ;), attracting Hatem & Fathy as our guides, handling each of the (seemingly endless) details – and checking in on each and every one of us every day.
I felt the strong, graceful and honest way in which you held the container for the group. It was a safe space to explore: being powerful and powerless, losing and finding myself, wobbling and being vertically strong … and exploring how I connect with (and disconnect from) others in the middle of all that. Exploring how to be a sovereign being who’s not alone, who’s part of a group of sovereign beings.
It’s wonderfully ironic (or maybe it’s the whole point!) that as a group we had the collective moniker, Humans. Because that’s the level where many of my insights arose: within the messiness – and preciousness :) – of being human.
And I’ve got a human family now, too :) Thank you! Love, 
- Lauralyn A.

Dear Precious Women of Energy for the Planet - Tears of Joy born of Laughter from the Soul Seat. "Thank you", to each of you, for all the effort and energy you put into making this journey possible and for all you continue to do and be so the journey becomes "seeded" into the very fabric of our lives. I'm indelibly changed and evolving in subtle and not so subtle ways, all in harmony with grace, love and joy. I'm thoroughly enjoying sharing the experiences and feel the benefit expanding further into others' lives and the planet as I do so. You may need to do more than one trip to Egypt in 2010 with all those from here who have already said they want to be a part of the next expedition. Love, joy, peace - all dusted lightly with Sahara sand, 
- Carol Vogel

Eugenia and Isabelle, my heart is still dancing in celebration of our recent Egypt journey! Thanks so much for taking your “work” on the road and creating such an amazing and magical transformation for me – I feel like I fit into myself now. The inside and the outside, everything sort of lines up better. The combination of your teachings and insights coupled with sacred land and ceremonies while in Egypt has awakened that something within that will not let me alone until I live from It directly! Each day I am discovering the wisdom that each temple gifted me with and delighting in a life that is making room for everything about me that is individual, unique, and precious. All I can say is thank you . . . and that is so understated . . . totally inadequate . . . PLEASE keep doing what you are doing!!!! So many lives are touched by your work. My endless thanks, gratitude, and deep appreciation,
– Angela P.

The trip to Egypt was like returning home after lifetimes of travel.
The experience charged the memory of who I am, amplifying the real magic of being alive on the planet now. It was exciting to see the evolution in each person. It was a very special time for every person and for us as a group. It was decadent being treated like royalty, too. 
- Julianna B.

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