Anatomy of Soul Contracts

The arrangements that are set up prior to each human incarnation are so precise and specific, that as we acknowledge and agree to accept them, the wisdom of the life plan, or Soul Contract, becomes self-evident. Our lives have a purpose and a direction and we experience these through on-going lessons. We make agreements to live within our cultural, societal, parental, racial and spiritual arenas, and the Soul Contract anchors these lesson-plans into each of us as a “human-spirit-hybrid.” From the perspective of the Soul, all lives are simultaneous, while from the human perspective, each of these simultaneous lifetimes is separate. Soul Contracts specify which attributes of being human will be explored and emphasized in any given lifetime, for example:
  • appreciation of sameness/ excitement of diversity
  • love of safety/ joy of taking risks
  • strength to lead/ willingness to follow
  • focus on intellect/ focus on emotions
  • group energies/ solitary pursuits
Each attribute chosen by the Soul is uniquely designed to enhance the individuation process and the free will capacity of the incarnating human. These are all unique and tailor made for the specific lifetime. There are also generic Soul Contract components, applicable to all. The four main generic components of each Soul Contract are:
  • get fully into the physical body;
  • be enough emotionally;
  • want your life, do not resist it;
  • never give up!
Resisting any of these four major components makes our lives either stagnant and boring, or an “out-of-control-freak-out” drama/trauma. The application of these four generic components is necessary for the complete download of each person’s Contract, otherwise we receive only bits and pieces of it, and wander, half-blind through life. The Body is designed to welcome the Soul and its information. It has a pre-set programming for the particularities of each Soul Contract. Hence, we can never get the “wrong” Body for the job, even though the presence of Self in that Body might be difficult due to karmic influences. 

In order to understand how to read and follow the Soul Contract, we need to know and feel the biology. It's not like driving a car where you can just turn the key and go. Our Bodies are living feedback systems and require: food, water, air, sleep and motion. It is our job to take care of them. These basics offerings to the biology “turn the key” and then the crystalline intelligence inside of every cell starts to hum and release the cellular nuclear power that is the bridge to the Soul. When this Soul energy wakes up inside of the cells, we feel and know the next step of the Contract.

Regardless of the physical shape that we are in, the biology of our Bodies is the perfect matrix for the expression of our Soul Contracts, compatibility assured. Each body system (respiratory, circulatory, nervous, muscular, digestive, skeletal, urinary, lymphatic, endocrine, reproductive etc.) has a unique function in holding a different aspect of the Contract for us to inhabit. This Body-matrix holds the information, timing, goal packages, probability factors, receptive capacities and translation patterns that allow each person to read their own Contract. 

Soul translates its essence into our lives through the Light Body. It uses geometric designs, colors, sounds, thought-forms, feeling transmissions, archetypes, and elemental energies, interwoven through our Soul Contracts, delivered in a specific sequence: 

Light → Energy field (levels, chakras, meridians) → cells & DNA

The alchemy of following this sequence with conscious awareness, brings a deeper and more complex degree of participation to us, as co-creators, and makes the Purpose of the incarnation more apparent.

We are Soul-Mind-Body and it is the Soul component that has the simultaneous perception of, “all lives at once.” The Soul receives reality as a hologram and imprints its multidimensional knowledge-designs into our DNA. We choose, through using our free will, karma, desires and beliefs, which parts of the DNA will be expressed and which will lie dormant. There is more informational power coming into and out of one person’s DNA than there is in every computer on the planet. Being able to see each and every day as a Soul Contract Day, sets up an alignment of power which allows communication from Soul to Body to be complete.

All of the people that we interact with, our relationships, are “training” for being able to absorb and use the power from our simultaneous lives. As we “solve” each relationship lesson, we learn how to own the power that is at the core of that relationship. The harvesting of this “power at the core,” makes the combined talents of the simultaneous lives available and ours now.

The alignment of the human-spirit-hybrid with the simultaneous awareness component of the Soul, is a pathway to virtual reality perception. Planetary evolution is already aligned with this virtual perception, supporting our understanding that everything we are (what we think, choose to notice, feel, and experience) is creating our own virtual reality. It is essential to stabilize this creation through the feminine and masculine sides of divinity. We accomplish this by using the Soul Contract codes that support this stabilization: listening, honoring, promoting and adoring.