The School of Life

The trick in dealing with life is not WHAT happens to us, but what we DO about what happens to us. Everything that happens in our lives is “perfect” from the Soul’s point of view. Every single experience is a teaching. Our problems start not when we encounter difficult experiences, but when we get stuck in them because of our resistance to knowing the truth or solution. We all live here on planet Earth in the realm of duality: positive-negative, good-bad, pain-pleasure, beginnings-endings, loss-gain etc. So, there is a part of us that wants to heal, grow, succeed, and awaken and there is a part of us that tries to thwart or sabotage that very progress. We contain both sides of duality and need to learn about how they interact, so that we can learn the lessons that we came here to learn. 

We only get stuck in a lesson if we resist it in some way. Our resistance to embracing life with passion and curiosity leads to pain. We need to analytically take an experience apart, decode it and then acquire the message and the wisdom. There is a literal and a metaphorical interpretation for each event. The Ego sees the literal one, and takes it personally, and the Soul sees the metaphorical one and gains power by the experience. This is similar to understanding the meaning of dreams. The true meaning of which resides not in the literal, circumstantial story, but in decoding the feeling experiences inside of the dream.

Here are the steps that allow us to determine the truest meaning of events for ourselves, so that we don’t have to take the lessons over again:

  • Release any emotional investment in the story;
  • Study the emotional map of feelings which were awakened by the event;
  • Look at the beliefs which have generated the feelings as this is where the meaning of the event is hidden. Difficult life events occur specifically to show us our imbalanced beliefs (encoded into us by our karma, our genetics, our upbringing, our repetitive stories, etc.), so that we can find them and change them.

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