Releasing the Victim Mode

Our physiology reflects the programming of our beliefs. Belief is determined either by the Soul or by the unresolved residue from genetic ancestry or from the past life overlays of judged experience. Every time we react to feelings of doubt, hatred, confusion, rage, worthlessness or irritability, the Victim is winning. It infects our consciousness with its agenda of powerlessness. Just as viruses invade and control cellular machinery, victim mentality overrides the capacity to create our reality from the level of the Soul. Victim energy relegates us to creating from the recycled pain of karma. We can reclaim the power that has been hiding within the victim consciousness by exploring the history of victim energy on this planet, (as in the institution of slavery, or not allowing women to vote, or the idea that whoever wins a war is a victor, or the caste system used by many cultures to entrap people). By looking at how the victim manifests through the fluid and structural levels of our being and how it influences the physical body's diseases and imbalances, we can gain insight into its’ healing. Recovering from duality means courageously facing the victim energy, releasing oneself from its hypnotic grip, and then setting forth on the path to freedom.

Be alert to and focus on hidden or unconscious victim patterns in your life, in yourself and in others. As we vibrate to higher frequencies of energy, the ego, which tends to be in service to the victim energy, can become very fearful of enlightenment and try to sabotage the body/soul fusion of our awakening. The ego only has a reference point for experience that it has previously known or lived in the past. What we are evolving into does not make sense to the ego, only to us as the Higher Self. 

Ego: Friend or Foe?

ImageCredit: InspireYourSpirit
Ego is a necessary element of outer self-expression here in 3-D. It is a focal point of personal awareness and serves as a perceptual filter for interpreting external life and functions in relation to the trinity of Soul, personality, and physical body. 

There is a lot said about “getting rid of Ego” as a way to “become spiritual”. But Ego is a needed component of personal development, and eventually we will dissolve it and experience Unity consciousness, but until that happens, we must learn to have a healthy, balanced, aware, secure Ego. 

Think of this pathway:

Body  Lower Self (defenses)  Ego  Higher Self (wisdom) Soul-Self

As you can see, between the physical body and the Soul there are all these personality components. The Higher Self is one side of the “developmental river” and the Lower Self is the other, while the Ego is like a ferry boat between them. If the ferry is parked on the Lower Self side, the personality is allied with and to its fears and defenses. If the ferry is attempting to be a boat and traverse the river, staying in the middle, the Ego is lost in the social human drama. If on the other hand the ferry is attached to the Higher Self side, then the Ego is allied with our inner wisdom, love and knowledge.

Having a healthy ego is the gateway to the comprehension of the Soul-Self. The act of compensation/compensating (i.e. needing to prove) is the reaction of an underdeveloped Ego, which creates weakness. Ego strives for some kind of external validation, trying to be good enough, or the opposite, being above others in arrogance. The ego is always setting up unrealistic goals for us, thus insuring the catch-22 of being disappointed and failing to achieve the goal that was false in the first place! Releasing perfectionism, competition, self-denial, worthlessness, judgment and other destructive Ego patterns creates space for the witnessing of the Self. The state of truly witnessing is the state of the balanced Ego. 

Freedom Factor of Food

The food we eat is multidimensional consciousness anchored in matter. We can be controlled by food or liberated by it. Food can help to wake us up and make us more conscious, or it can keep us dulled and pulled back into being trapped by illusion. Food consists of many types of energies: 
  • Biochemical (feeds the material body)
  • mental (feeds the mind – information, knowledge, beliefs, social patterns)
  • emotional (feeds the emotional and astral bodies)
  • spiritual (feeds prana and etheric light to the field and to the body matrix)
The macronutrients of food are: protein (for structure), fats (for cushioning and lubrication), and carbohydrates (for fuel). The micronutrients of food are the phyto-chemicals and antioxidants and these act as the intelligence factors for getting this complex system of nourishing, growing, repairing and maintaining a physical form all to work in collaboration. For example, if we overload the system with too much fuel (carbohydrate), then structures collapse and don’t get repaired because there is too much room delegated to the storage of the excess fuel. If we do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, which are the source that provides the intelligence of the micronutrients, then we subvert the natural wisdom of the body and then the body forgets how to maintain balance. 

The mental and emotional components of a person control metabolism along with genetic and environmental influences. We can learn to consciously interact with food by using love and gratitude for having it, and encouraging the digestive process by chewing well and eating slowly. This helps heal our resistance to being in a dense body, the care and feeding of which is our responsibility and privilege, and not a burden. Also, by having a healthy attitude towards food as deep nourishment we can help ourselves heal from the harsh pattern of entitlement which is wanting more than we are willing to give.

The synchronization of our energies with our food aids biological processing in the physical body. Allergies, digestive issues, acidity, emotional eating, addictions and other problems are signs of vibrational friction between our consciousness and the consciousness of food. Learn to recognize the message in the foods that you crave, love, hate or fear, and then food truly becomes a friend.

Take a loving bite of an apple, the taste enters your mouth and becomes breath and blood, its applen-ness wraps around your muscles, encouraging, giving them the freedom to move towards God.

Animals Guide

ImageCredit: Nick Perrotta
We have three categories or main types of atomic forms on this planet:
  • Animal
  • Plant
  • Mineral 
Animal is a particular type of energy and biological form, a unique consciousness, comparable to human. Due to their instinctual nature animals are fused with the elemental realm of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and are anchored from the 3rd dimension into the 2nd dimension. This gives animals an inherent stability because they sense and know that they are a valuable and crucial part of the flow of life. They know that they belong here. That same instinctual nature allows them to bypass layers of personality, focusing their identity on primal patterns of very stable energy, encompassing huge cycles of time. The paradox of an animal form is in its capacity to stretch between opposites, between the elemental natures of fire, air, water and earth on one end of the spectrum (giving them passion, freedom, nurturance and stability), and the unconditionality of love on the other end (providing them with universal connectedness).

The physical animals of Earth can support the electro-magnetic circuitry of our energy fields and of our bodies, as they go about their own learning of what it means to be an animal on earth. The non-physical energy animals that exist on the astral and other levels can be worked with as totems, guardians and guides. The archetypes of animals, used in astrology and in many cultures in ceremonies and as deities, are essentially conceptual systems, capable of balancing, supporting, healing, encouraging, jumpstarting and invigorating. Since animals do not question themselves, (they do not wonder who they are), they are innately more pure, and like a crystal are more consistent in how they transmit their consciousness. We humans derive great benefit, and sanity, from living alongside these amazing creatures, both the physical and the energetic ones. When you need some help in facing the difficulties inherent in living here in the realm of duality, be wise and call on an animal for support. 

The Consciousness of Water

The unconditionality of the universe is anchored on this planet through water. 

By learning to synchronize with water we can claim our physicality, while supporting our spirituality. Geometric patterns, like snowflakes, infuse water and form microcrystalline shapes that feed us with higher consciousness. Charged structural “smart water” allows us to vibrate with the planet, not only helping us to move through planetary changes with more ease, but also helping Earth to go through them as well. The planet serves us by providing and charging her waters, we serve her by synchronizing with water.

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Creation: Falling Asleep & Waking Up

As the Source (the multitude of supply) exploded into creation, we began the path of Soul Identity. Forged through existence in differing dimensional realities this identity grows and develops. It creates forms out of its desire for expression. Here in the 3rd dimension these forms are called ‘physical life’. As we see the multidimensional patterns in our everyday lives and learn to follow only the ones that are in tune with our Soul Identity, we begin to consciously co-create with our Souls. This process involves intention anchored in form. The understanding of creation gives us access to the true Soul Identity. This Soul-Self is the creative principle utilized in all of the dimensions, as we descend into density and ascend out of it back to Source.

Creation: The Source of all existence became aware of itself through witnessing the push-pull dynamics of expansion and contraction. This internal movement, the infinity symbol, caused an origination point to occur, which allowed the Source to explode. This explosion of splitting awareness resulted in the creation of multiple universes. When the mechanics of universal creation are understood, then creation is complete at that juncture and can be used as raw material for new creations. Otherwise, what exists is the holographic matrix of unrealized creation. The Source, through its urge to know itself, pushed forward into exploration of its new creations through two forces: expansion and contraction. Pockets of reality called Universes allowed the Source to experience the infinite variations of itself. 

Falling Asleep: The essential component of creating in form is falling asleep, so that the previous knowledge of creation outside of density lies temporarily dormant. This allows us to learn how to create by understanding the reality that is unique to each dimension. We are living in a multi-dimensional incomplete universe. An incomplete universe is an unrealized universe, while a complete one is realized or actualized. Our universe is developing as a part of a “double tube-torus” (a twin system), one realized (referred to as Tri) and one unrealized (ours). Our twin universe, the Tri, is already realized, while we are now in the process of completion.

Waking Up: The pendulum of creation is the cycle of falling asleep and coming back to full awareness. This is how the Source evolves. The waking up aspect of this cycle begins when we have completely anchored in density, gone as far into the asleep cycle as possible, and then begin to make our way back out of density. The crucial element of actualization-completion is reaching awareness through the embracement of density. 

Alchemy of Acquisition

Before manifesting can become a possibility in our lives, we have to allow the concept of acquisition (to have and to hold) into our conceptual level programming. An inability to manifest what we want often occurs due to a splitting apart of emotional desire from conceptual possibility. Our emotional level has to be able to hold our desires strongly enough, which then sends pleasure waves into our 2nd chakras expanding them to hold even more of the desire waves. This feels really good and increases our certainty that we can have what we desire. The synergistic and mutually beneficial combination of the conceptual and the emotional energies allows for anchoring the intention of our manifestation through the pleasure of feeling like we already have it.

One of the blocks that dismantles our capacity for acquisition includes ignorance of correct manifestation timing, due to magnetic and electric distortions in our energy fields and planetary cycles:
  • Magnetic distortion is an emotional neediness, a lower desire, longing and wishing; and all of these push what we want further away.
  • Electric distortion is an over-controlling of all of the details of our manifestation. This too tight of a grip is really communicating that we believe that we cannot have the manifestation. 
Fear, anger, anxiety, worry, depression, insecurity etc. are emotional opportunities to gain wisdom and feel peace. Learning to handle these emotional reactions to life will support our internal acquisition alchemy prowess. Looking deeply at our most common or usual types of emotional pain can reveal why we are stuck and show us the patterns of our refusal to become wise.

The two types of stuckness that keep us emotionally mired are:

  • Habit (based on refusal to take responsibility – all habits are unconscious repetitive patterns, and consciousness takes effort and responsibility);
  • Negative comfort (self-pity is NOT self-love! If we refuse to be uncomfortable, and then still expect to grow and develop a Self, well, this refusal essentially takes us out of the spiritual running all together, because any true development requires stepping out of the comfort zone! Any time we begin to grow, our Lower Self becomes uncomfortable. That is a given. If we listen to its pleas and give it the negative kind of comfort: too much food or too much alcohol, excessive TV watching, oversleeping leading to lethargy, not moving as in not exercising, over-medicating with drugs, then we stop our personal development. 

Pain, Pleasure, Fear & the Internal Marriage

The principles of Pain and Pleasure are opposite types of energies, usually engaged in struggling within us, un-balancing and off-setting each other as they structure our behavior by fighting for dominance. Life force must be allowed to move freely from Pain to Pleasure, back and forth, unifying the two. Fear is the glue that stops this unifying motion. Fear acts like a smoke screen covering our attempts at flowing from Pain to Pleasure to Pain to Pleasure…., hiding from our consciousness the deeper reasons for this sabotaging behavior and failure to unify. As it escalates, Fear leads to flat-lining, where the scales of Pain and Pleasure tip in overwhelming favor towards Pain. Each person has a specific pattern of defaulting into fear. Recognizing the defaulting as it is happening can push fear out of the energy field, releasing much needed life force that can lead to the conscious recognition of our precise position on the Pain/Pleasure continuum, hence allowing us to modify it.

As we now are entering into the new paradigm of true communication between the internal opposites of yang and yin, (electric and magnetic), we are evolving the concept of marriage. The First Relationship is always to the Self, the balanced marriage of internal male energies and internal female energies. Earth is receiving more of the Goddess vibration, allowing the female polarity to gain strength. As we embody this planetary shift inside each one of us, the female principal is awakening to its power. The internal male principal has to adjust to this shift, modifying the point of balance. This adjustment isn’t easy for the internal male, as this yang-electric polarity has to develop more healthy boundaries, and cease fighting and demanding to be dominant, while the female yin-magnetic polarity has to become more trusting and undefended. As we learn ways to recognize the internal polarities within us, bringing them into a balanced state, we raise the Consciousness level of our Internal Marriage. This leads to creating dynamic aliveness in our external relationships and the awakening of new passion and potent Self honoring. 

Self-Control & Decision-Making Power

ImageCredit: capstoned
We are all encoded with programs which determine our actions, reactions, emotions, feelings and thoughts. Some codes we carry from other lifetimes, some we pick up by copying or resisting our parents and through genetics. During each life we also become programmed by societal patterns. Most of the difficulties encountered in relating to the external world occur because of the differences in these codes. Internal unhappiness, as an example of a difficulty, is based on the particularity of the codes. We cannot function without the codes, they are part of our identity and anchor through all of the energy levels of the 3rd chakra. But while some codes work for us, others work against us, making it almost impossible to achieve states of balance. 

How do you discover your personal encoding, and bring to the surface the “faulty” codes that do not serve your evolution? 
  • Codes are our unquestioned beliefs. 
  • Some come from the Higher Self (the learned wisdom of many lifetimes),
  • others from the genetics (something that your genetic line is carrying),
  • from upbringing – some of these are positive qualities that we were taught by family members and they are added into our Ego codes. If we continue to use them, by the end of the lifetime they will become the Higher Self codes of wisdom. Others are negative defensive qualities that we developed either as a resistance or a defense against our families (these are the Lower Self codes).
The positive form of control is ‘control with’: a conscious awareness of all components of Self (your energy levels) and the ability to be the ‘president’ of your ‘company’ (the identity who unifies the needs and desires of the whole energy field). The negative form of control is ‘control over’: which constitutes fear of a particular component of Self (energy block/false image) and then the overriding of that feared component by a more dominating one. Perfectionism is one form of negative control where a fixed idea or ‘absolute image’ such as “I need to be right” dismisses all other options of the Self. We need to recognize negative control in our energy fields and personalities and restructure our behavior to free the Self, thus amplifying positive control.

Our private self-image is influenced by the cultural conditioning of how the media portrays what it deems desirable. Becoming the most original and unique individual that we can be requires an objective look at how these images deplete or erase self-acceptance. Destructive competitive comparisons affect our inner integrity and authentic self-presentation. 

Power Imprinting

Each human is born with innate attributes of power. These are the aspects of ourselves that involve talents, abilities, and competency, so that we can experience magnetic fulfillment and satisfaction. These are our graces. Each person can take a well-developed personal power and apply the STRENGTH of that known commodity to any area of their lives where they are stuck or have fear of.

This includes the techniques of: 
  • power overlays (copying an archetypal dynamic or stance );
  • power foundation (worthiness); 
  • power synergy (intention);
  • power additives (affirmations, journaling, daily practice of meditation etc.)
One of the easiest ways to figure out how to stand powerfully in any situation is to research and find a person whom you consider to be powerful, who is in a similar situation or has dealt with one like you are in, and overlay their “power” onto yourself for a moment. This is the idea of “wearing the other person like an outfit”! It only works for few seconds, just enough time to give you the gist of the feeling, and in no way should be used as a substitute of your own development. How do you do this? 
  • Get grounded; 
  • feel your own vertical flow of energy; 
  • then simultaneously tune into a person (can be a real human being, can be a person from the past, can be an archetype from a fairytale, but it cannot be a “role in a movie” because then you will be tuning into an actor who might not possess the needed attributes at all!);
  • hold their image over your body, overlaying yourself. You can move your body to match that image if you’d like (as if you are holding a sword like a famous knight, or are graceful like an Elvin queen, etc.);
  • the most important part: notice what has changed in your system – i.e. what do they have, what do they use, that you do not have or use, so that when the overlay fades in few seconds, you can know what you need to practice to wield that power yourself!
The true feeling of deserving is based on worthiness. The essence of Self that is transmitted from the Soul level into physicality at birth must pass through a “shrinking” process in order to incarnate. It is this shrinking process that is at the base of all feelings of unworthiness, which is then further supported by the emotional pain that we have experienced in many lifetimes. But the pain is a teacher, it supports our awakening and our return to the Soul memory of true worthiness while in a physical 3-D world.

Anchored in the root charka is a type of power that when combined with the sound capacity of the throat charka can create what we command. This will only work if the throat charka and the root charka are aligned. This is the power of the spoken word in resonance with a grounded body. This alignment is an essential component of manifestation through intention.

Building on what we already posses from this lifetime and others, and by “borrowing” an imprint from others, we do not have to re-invent the wheel each time that we increase our capacity for more life. We are designed to be powerful!