Mystery of Regeneration & Messages of Physical Pain

It is our human perception that time is speeding up. Our cells multiply with a self-diminishing pattern that causes aging. In order to release this body clock aging pattern we must remember how to activate cellular regeneration. Each cell has the capacity to multiply and get stronger with each replication, not weaker. This is called Soul Cellular Regeneration: the use of the full range of the electro-magnetic spectrum to achieve body/soul fusion.

Regeneration is essential for wellbeing, even though we often arrogantly assume that we can just keep on going like an Energizer bunny. The “keep on going” component is the electric polarity of our nature, while “recharging the battery” is the magnetic one. Submergence into the magnetic ocean of energy is the ultimate regenerative power. Proper regeneration is a lost art form! We have forgotten the most efficient ways of recharging, including how to use the sleep state for creation and healing, and what the physical and spiritual purposes of sleep are. Sleep is:
  • a requirement for re-setting the system when we have downloaded new planetary updates into our body computers;
  • a way for our other energy bodies (emotional, mental, astral etc.) to recharge by loosening their connection to the physical body;
  • a place for our emotional and astral bodies to process subconscious issues and also to receive guidance from our energy guides, angels and the universe in general;
  • a means for our “medical team” guides to help heal any developing physical conditions.
By exploring of the Mystery of Regeneration, we build a bridge between dimensions. Fascination with the Mystery leads to its comprehension, hastening evolution and the conscious downloading of knowledge. Regeneration attracts the Soul into the physical body making a home for its expression.

When we are in physical pain, the body is rejecting Light. This pain is a message to our conscious awareness to pay attention and listen to the wisdom of the body. Here is a simple three step process for working with physical pain:
  • release the fears of “worst case scenario” and tune into the pain as a body message only;
  • de-code it by mental tracking what that painful body part or system is related to, by emotional listening and feeling the emotion this pain brings up, by opening to universal energies to deliver an answer or guidance to the true meaning of this pain (does not always work instantaneously, but do set parameters – like “in 24 hours show me what I am hiding from myself”);
  • release the rejection of not-wanting-to-hear the truth, so that the body can heal itself.
The skin is the largest organ of the body. It translates subtle energy into cellular structure and we can help it to translate more Light into our bodies:
  • Recognize attitudes and judgments that affect your skin’s health; 
  • Notice how pollution dampens cell firing patterns and learn what to do about it. 
  • Check out nutritional wisdom for the skin. 
  • Synthesizing physical sunlight with higher spiritual concepts for self-healing and self-balancing mechanisms for the skin. 
  • See the skin as a boundary between inner and outer realities. Strengthen the connection to your inner light and make your skin glow!
There are two basic factors that limit our capacity for joy. One is our attitude towards life and the other is the number of joy receptor sites on the membranes of our cells. We each have a genetic predisposition for the number of joy receptor sites available to us, and we can teach our cells to grow more by changing our attitudes and re-defining what gives us joy and pleasure. When we understand how thought changes biology, we reinvent ourselves, increasing the capacity for joy in our lives and activating true cellular regeneration. 


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