The Power of Positive Play

As we have been living in the Patriarchal, Industrial and now Electronic Age, we have forgotten how to truly play. This ability to play is what energizes the human growth hormone molecule to keep functioning after puberty, instead of decreasing. It spurs the kind of creativity that is holistic and life-enhancing, and it deepens the experience of pleasure waves in the body, by setting off a cascade of endorphins. Playing well will lead us into the Virtual Age, where we will have greater access to the 4th dimension.

The energy patterns of play relate to creativity, healthy longevity and mysticism - especially mysticism. The internal chemical shifts that occur in the body when we activate the heart (4th) and sacral (2nd) chakras, and shift into “play mode”, supports the movement of light into the nervous system so that we can “scramble” the old stagnant patterns that resist freedom. Play increases the flow of endorphins and subsequent feelings of well-being increase. 

Play is an act of power. It is not stupid or silly or a waste of time. When we do it, we are literally moving the life force within us from a stuck position to a new heightened state of consciousness. We each have to learn to play with ourselves (no pun intended!) before we can play as a group. Play lightens up inner rigidity, centers us when we are overwhelmed, and connects our chakras to Universal Energy Flow. Our unique experiences as children, and subsequent growth into adulthood, plus karmic overlays, mark us as great or lousy “players.” Playing is highly practical, for if we all had the true ability to play, there would be no war. It is in the purity of play that we each learn to see Soul in the cells of the body’s bright physicality.

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