Internal Pollution Solutions

All of our energy levels are intricately interconnected and without proper communication our systems malfunctions. We are designed with many self-cleaning mechanisms, which in our complex and over-stimulated reality tend to break down or get overridden by our strong emotional feelings. We get too much competitive noise on the conceptual and mental levels and get overstuffed with drama/depression/anxiety on the emotional and astral levels. This pollution is part of our learning opportunity as we struggle to stay conscious, constantly being pulled between hypnotic superficial images and the reality of the Soul. 

We can detoxify each level of our energy fields efficiently one by one:
  • Conceptual detox: find, face and release (learn from) victim and separation-based beliefs;
  • Unconditional detox: release your desires to punish when you feel you, or someone else, has been “wronged”;
  • Truth detox: let go of the “black-and-white / right-and-wrong” dualistic view of truth, let go of the need to prove anything – everyone has their own perception of life!
  • Astral detox: let go of your negative attachments to people (both needing someone or hating someone are attachments! Judgment is an attachment! Blame, resentment, anger, fear or need – all are negative attachments which pollute the astral body);
  • Mental detox: notice and change self-judgment thoughts, and negative hopeless thinking;
  • Emotional detox: notice and change self-deprecating, punishing, and cruel behaviors – replacing them with self-love, self-care, and preciousness;
  • Etheric detox: learn to manage stress with meditation, positive affirmations, change in beliefs and attitudes, and proper rest;
  • Physical detox: besides the obvious things like proper nutrition, diet, movement and rest, and deep breathing, learn to listen to your body so you know what it is telling you!
As Nature is coming back into balance (despite what it may look like!), we have access to more types of healing energies, including an increase in the ability to breathe prana/chi. These can help return us to a greater vibrancy and dynamic aliveness. Certain energies can pull out or transmute energetic and physical toxins. If you are doing “everything right” and still having negative results, you need to look at the reasons why the internal clearing and detoxifying mechanisms are not working properly or to their highest potential, and work specifically with the blocks in each of the energy levels, not just the physical level! This is very important, because without a properly working self-detoxifying mechanism we will be plagued by energy-pollution, making emotional balance and physical health hard to achieve. It is the internal automated detox systems that maintain our conscious evolution by allowing the personality and body to go through its processing without destructive interference from pollution.

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