Pain, Pleasure, Fear & the Internal Marriage

The principles of Pain and Pleasure are opposite types of energies, usually engaged in struggling within us, un-balancing and off-setting each other as they structure our behavior by fighting for dominance. Life force must be allowed to move freely from Pain to Pleasure, back and forth, unifying the two. Fear is the glue that stops this unifying motion. Fear acts like a smoke screen covering our attempts at flowing from Pain to Pleasure to Pain to Pleasure…., hiding from our consciousness the deeper reasons for this sabotaging behavior and failure to unify. As it escalates, Fear leads to flat-lining, where the scales of Pain and Pleasure tip in overwhelming favor towards Pain. Each person has a specific pattern of defaulting into fear. Recognizing the defaulting as it is happening can push fear out of the energy field, releasing much needed life force that can lead to the conscious recognition of our precise position on the Pain/Pleasure continuum, hence allowing us to modify it.

As we now are entering into the new paradigm of true communication between the internal opposites of yang and yin, (electric and magnetic), we are evolving the concept of marriage. The First Relationship is always to the Self, the balanced marriage of internal male energies and internal female energies. Earth is receiving more of the Goddess vibration, allowing the female polarity to gain strength. As we embody this planetary shift inside each one of us, the female principal is awakening to its power. The internal male principal has to adjust to this shift, modifying the point of balance. This adjustment isn’t easy for the internal male, as this yang-electric polarity has to develop more healthy boundaries, and cease fighting and demanding to be dominant, while the female yin-magnetic polarity has to become more trusting and undefended. As we learn ways to recognize the internal polarities within us, bringing them into a balanced state, we raise the Consciousness level of our Internal Marriage. This leads to creating dynamic aliveness in our external relationships and the awakening of new passion and potent Self honoring. 

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