The Fundaments of True Service

Most people who are beginning to wake up to the Wholeness of life, feel the urge to be of service. This is more than just a feeling of humanitarian compassion and democracy. It is the beginning of the awareness of Unity Consciousness and that as any life form is supported and helped, all of life benefits from that act of service. It is the coming together, the fitting into place, of:

• the desire to give (2nd chakra energies) 
• the need for connection (4th chakra energies) 
• focusing on the Whole, instead of the parts (the crown chakra energies) 
• the discovery of the Soul Contract (the 3rd and crown chakras)

Service is our unique and essential contribution to life. As we figure out how to serve well, we become well-served in return. Like a giant wheel that moves in synchronicity with all of its components meshed in unison. In order to stay true to the balance of inner harmony we must give AND receive, in equal life-sustaining measure. As we do this we start to get flashes of insight into how the larger cycles of consciousness are affecting the goals of humanity and how these cycles are guided and influenced by the Spiritual aspects of all life forms. And we get to enter the creational script room of the inner sanctum of the design team!

The fundamentals of service DO NOT contain martyrdom, scarcity, over-giving or self-erasure. The Core energy of each human being is designed to radiate outward and intersect with the ordinary world, like the crossing of longitude and latitude lines, marking a spot. From this spot, we learn how to recognize the “service of the moment” and then the longer arc of service throughout the lifetime. True service is not just about giving to others or to the environment. True service is a self-completing circle. Where we are in any moment is where we serve. Knowing how to recognize this opens the channels to the Soul and fills our lives to the brim.


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