Chile & Easter Island - Reviews

I work in a corporate environment in which my spiritual ways are not truly understood. Yet every year when I return from an Energy Pulse tour (I have been on all four so far), invariably one of my co-workers comments that I come back a different person. This is a testament to the power of these trips.
I have laughed and cried on these trips and I have seen absolutely amazing sights that I could only have dreamed of as a child (the pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge, the moai of Easter Island). In the end it always comes back to awakening to who I truly am and assisting the Universe in transforming the Planet. Transformation is the key word.
If you want to examine your internal world (your light, your darkness, your hopes and your fears) and you are prepared to do the work of going within to assume the responsibility for making a shift, these are the trips for you. Isabelle and Eugenia are always there to guide you through your transformation.
I am not sure how I will ever repay Isabelle and Eugenia for their precious gifts of kindness, patience, knowledge, and honesty. Their dedication to the awakening of each and every individual on these trips makes all the difference in the world.
If you are called to come on one of these trips, then come. You will not be disappointed. 

- Rohana Fines.

I want to take a moment to thank you for all that you have done to create this wonderful experience for us. I can only imagine how much work it is to put together a trip like that and to keep such a large group corralled, guided, comforted and supported. It was such an amazing experience for me, and although I'm taking quite awhile to regain my rest and my equilibrium, it was certainly worth it. So far, my most personal experience of the Pi energy is light-heartedness, laugher, and pure glee. (There is something so satisfying about getting the giggles at the most holy of Rapa Nui sites!)
What fun we had in so many ways!
Meanwhile, back home, life goes on as usual...but it isn't. There is deeper meaning in everything. I was reminded of the last ceremony we had where we integrated the diamond shape into our DNA. All this is to say that the import of our journey, at its depths, has not been lost on spite of, and including all the laughter and the liveliness, the drinking and carrying on! And I'm deeply grateful. This is a momentous time period we inhabit, and I'm so happy to be on this journey with the two of you.
With Much Love and Appreciation, 

- Lotus H.

Dear Isabelle and Eugenia.
Thank you so much for making the unforgettable trip happen. We had a wonderful time with all your wonderful guests, and the two of you and Adam made it all seem effortless, although I know it was a lot of hard work for you. We really appreciate everything you did. We returned home to Ecuador feeling more relaxed and happy than ever. We are now off working in different directions, as usual. And thanks for all the pictures. 

- Dorothy & Gary.

It was my first trip with Energy Pulse. After recovering from jet lag, and settling back into being home for few days, I can report to the whole world that the trip to Chile and Ester Island was a great wonder! Our travel activities were arranged to feel the energy of the land and to see the beauty of the surroundings. The group camaraderie was encouraging and enjoyable. Of course with traveling, there are always things that are individually not perfect in the moment, but looking back on the overall trip.. those small things are really not important. So far, I am not in the position to say anything about trip/communication/knowledge benefits because of the work I still have ahead of me, but the starting point is pretty significant... and being around Eugenia and Isabelle for two weeks is an extra bonus! Kind Regards, 
- Mira A.

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