Self-Control & Decision-Making Power

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We are all encoded with programs which determine our actions, reactions, emotions, feelings and thoughts. Some codes we carry from other lifetimes, some we pick up by copying or resisting our parents and through genetics. During each life we also become programmed by societal patterns. Most of the difficulties encountered in relating to the external world occur because of the differences in these codes. Internal unhappiness, as an example of a difficulty, is based on the particularity of the codes. We cannot function without the codes, they are part of our identity and anchor through all of the energy levels of the 3rd chakra. But while some codes work for us, others work against us, making it almost impossible to achieve states of balance. 

How do you discover your personal encoding, and bring to the surface the “faulty” codes that do not serve your evolution? 
  • Codes are our unquestioned beliefs. 
  • Some come from the Higher Self (the learned wisdom of many lifetimes),
  • others from the genetics (something that your genetic line is carrying),
  • from upbringing – some of these are positive qualities that we were taught by family members and they are added into our Ego codes. If we continue to use them, by the end of the lifetime they will become the Higher Self codes of wisdom. Others are negative defensive qualities that we developed either as a resistance or a defense against our families (these are the Lower Self codes).
The positive form of control is ‘control with’: a conscious awareness of all components of Self (your energy levels) and the ability to be the ‘president’ of your ‘company’ (the identity who unifies the needs and desires of the whole energy field). The negative form of control is ‘control over’: which constitutes fear of a particular component of Self (energy block/false image) and then the overriding of that feared component by a more dominating one. Perfectionism is one form of negative control where a fixed idea or ‘absolute image’ such as “I need to be right” dismisses all other options of the Self. We need to recognize negative control in our energy fields and personalities and restructure our behavior to free the Self, thus amplifying positive control.

Our private self-image is influenced by the cultural conditioning of how the media portrays what it deems desirable. Becoming the most original and unique individual that we can be requires an objective look at how these images deplete or erase self-acceptance. Destructive competitive comparisons affect our inner integrity and authentic self-presentation. 

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