The Complexity of Desire

The original meaning of the word desire has been translated as “to await from the stars.”

The energy of desire is the push-pull force that moves human nature, ocean waves, supernovas and the act of getting out of bed every day:
  • to want;
  • to search for;
  • to become;
  • to possess.
It is the power that allows cells to multiply and people to congregate. It is misunderstood, feared and longed for all at the same time, yet without it we are doomed to the dullness of drudgery instead of the fresh aliveness of opening to life. Life requires desire!

Desire is the “life creator motion” that strives towards something that is not yet present. It is a rhythm of attraction and repulsion. This back and forth dynamic is necessary for the tenacity and endurance required just to stay alive. Without desire the Self could not express identity. It would become lost in the neutrality of dispersed existence. The attraction/repulsion dynamic is also critical in the exploration of more expanded states of consciousness. Conscious expansion further feeds desire, and this serves the clockwise spiral of spiritual evolution, which is the awakening.

Desire is a second chakra power that moves pain into pleasure and emptiness into abundance. It is the fire in the furnace of the body. It cannot exist without a “need” to fulfill. Desire, moving as waves of power, translates differently on these levels listed below:
  • quantum - need to be everywhere
  • subatomic - need to belong to/to follow patterns atomic need to form compounds
  • physical - need for survival basics and material acquisition
  • emotional - need for pleasure/sharing/love mental need for logic and clarity
  • spiritual - need for completeness 
Desire that is not attended to and acknowledged will lead to depression, physical illness or violence. When these become chronic, the red-orange energy of desire gets twisted and compressed. Mutations of the desire energy dull our natural healing instincts, making it easier for the Self to mistrust or ignore them.

This is the time on Earth to anchor more awareness. We humans are being guided to learn the potency and responsibility of using the deep force of desire to regain awareness of why we got “kicked out of the Garden of Eden.” In the archetypal story, we wanted something divine and then got punished for wanting it. This story, in the astral level of the planet, is about ready to be busted open. The story that will replace it will be written by those of us who befriend the force of desire, and do not attempt to control it, run from it, or fear it. Desire cannot be tamed, but it can be wisely channeled.

Desire for anything, when balanced, must contain:
  • knowledge of what is desired;
  • respect for it;
  • ability to partner with it;
  • constancy.
This last component, constancy, it very important, yet often ignored. Because desire is a push-pull force, in order to play with it, we must become the stabilizing factor for it, the anchor. There is a location in the body (the tailbone) that acts as a rudder to steer, channel, and hold, the mental/intent/brain focus needed to keep the creative desire waves on track. 

Desire is the “Breath of God” (air), bathed in kindness (water), activated through passion (fire).

For humans, desire is a red-orange energy mostly made of fire. It is first sparked by the Soul, then pushed through the air element for swiftness and expansion. Then it is slowed down to the water element for balancing and smoothing. This allows the high frequency desire energy to be digestible by us, since the Soul is not interested in frying its human! The slightly slowed down spark of Soul desire is then birthed for the first time in the back of the second chakra, through activation of the fire element. This fire brews in the back of the second chakra, amplifying itself. Eventually, due to its fullness, this fiery desire pushes forward into the front of the second chakra, expressing itself. During this transfer of energy, the fiery desire gains access to the root chakra, adding the earth element to itself for grounding and manifestation. This addition of the earth element to desire is uniquely human, allowing us to create in matter.

This alchemical formula is the sequence that insures that desire will serve us, instead of us serving it:

Air/spark → Water/slow down → Fire/burn → Earth/materialize 

Whenever we feel the rising of desire, the fire element has ignited and begun to move from the chakras to the cells. Here the cellular membrane structures translate the fire/desire information into manifestation potential. The excitement of “wanting and getting” creates satisfaction and the wheel of creation has one more Human-Creator-God living upon it. The idea of non-attachment to outcome is what allows us to stay uplifted and constant while we are working with desire waves.

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