Harmony, Choice and Karma

Our history and our future are colliding. What we cannot take forward with us has to be jettisoned. We all have our precious attachments to life as we know it, but we also need to trust that the future life that we are creating will be worth what is hard to let go of. The Soul is the great awakener and as it enters the body more fully, it requires that we open up and release. Sometimes this feels like a relief and sometimes it feels like a confusing invasion! The sequence that is needed here for positive growth is: release old impediments, more Soul enters, then the integration phase occurs. Do this and repeat it often! Take a look at the trinity that leads to the experience of a balanced Self:

• the Body (with its chemical responses),
• the Energy Field (which holds the personality), 
• the Soul (with its all-encompassing curiosity).

A Self in harmony is a Self in choice, instead of a Self in karma. We choose the future either from this balanced Self perspective or from the karmic Self. If we attempt reconciliation of karmic trauma by trying to “find an answer” (which acts like a band-aid), instead of truly studying and understanding the karmic trauma, we become engaged in a futile mental defense against the uncertainty of the future. As the “energy danger” alarm frequencies enter the field and then the body, they alert the body to scan for matching karmic trauma patterns. These patterns reinforce each other and then escalate fear, which allows the karmic Self to take over and plunge us into hell. This is not fun and we do not like it, but we need to hold the “dislike” response stable (2nd chakra power) long enough until we can engage the 4th and 6th chakras for compassion and unconditional love. Using the trinity of these three chakras creates the power necessary to break the destructive karmic cycle, choose the balanced Self, and finally let the Soul be in charge. 

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