Isabelle Lambert

When I played in the forests of northern California as a child, I knew that there was a presence in nature that was more real than anything else that I had been taught. Thus began my steadfastly determined search for the origin of consciousness and the deeper underlying mystery of what life really is. As an adult I became fascinated with the mechanisms of human biology and through my work in a cancer research lab in Seattle, my passion for the science of healing developed. I became interested in how each patient’s thoughts, beliefs, and feelings could affect remission and recovery rates. I trusted and followed my intuitional impulses about how matter and consciousness interact, and began having spontaneous and intense mystical and visionary experiences that opened me up to the non-physical dimensions of reality. For years I have explored the subtle realms that support and supply physical life and have increased my perceptive sensitivity to interpret and interact with these dimensions making it possible to attain answers and strategies for the healing of humans, nature and the planet. In 1999 I opened an energy work practice and began helping others to also gain access to deeper knowledge, awareness and insights about who they really are. By resonating with and reading the levels of the energy field, I can assist in bringing clarity to the blocked and hidden patterns that lie at the core of all types of human trauma whether the trauma is sourced from this or other lifetimes. I teach people how to create healthy bodies, establish clear boundaries, deepen self-honesty, trust their own inner knowing and use authentic personal expression based on power, inner authority and love. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology, complemented by studies in immunology, anatomy, biology, psychology, physics, nutrition, metaphysics and yoga, and a strong desire to merge science and Soul so that humanity can fully reclaim its origins in divinity.

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