Morocco & Canary Islands - Reviews

"The Moroccan people's warmth was absolutely beautiful. Enjoying the still-surviving, ancient culture - crafts people working with leather, mosaic artists cutting bits of tile to make a larger design - juxtaposed with the luxuries and technologies of modern life, was like being part of a living tapestry. Our tour guides were friendly, knowledgeable and untiringly supportive. The trip was an intense experience in personal growth and self awareness. To spend two weeks with other conscious people and have access to Isabelle and Eugenia's perspective and teaching is truly life changing." 
- Cherie Claire, owner

"It has always been an honor and a privilege to join Isabelle, Eugenia and my pod on the Energy Pulse adventures. The trip to Morocco and Grand Canaria was no exception. So grateful to be me - in the right place, the right time, the right incarnation - to be a part of it. The purpose of the journey was the same for each - discovery on all levels - spiritual, mental and physical - the experiences did not disappoint. Each day provided challenges to all senses on all levels, balanced with awakenings, beauty, sensual delights and camaraderie. To have this delicious educational and entertainment experience in a sacred and protective bubble, guided by exquisite mystics, was an extraordinary opportunity and lifetime gift. Thank you." 
- Shea Logan

"The trip to Morocco was beautifully orchestrated. Absolutely everything went without a glitch. Accommodations were lovely, food was scrumptious and the tours entertaining. There was ample time to be with the company of the group as well as space to be reflective on one's own. The potential for growth spending a substantial length of time with Eugenia and Isabelle was the real gift of the trip. The activities provided environments for one to access more subtle energies and go deeper within oneself. For me, Isabelle initiated my experience of energetic sensations in a way I had not experienced. With the help of both of them I have been able to identify and assimilate a new and effective model which I have taken into my practice as an acupuncturist. I eagerly await the next opportunity to have stimulating conversation around the dinner table with Isabelle and Eugenia and my fellow seekers on another trip." 
- Barbara Hughes

"I want to thank you both for the effort that you made regarding the trip in October. I don't know if everyone understands how difficult it is to organize a group of people or a trip for that matter. Although I don't have a clue what you guys go through from an energy/emotional standpoint, I do know that the organization/logistics alone is exhausting. I also know that the goal is to make it look easy - as when it looks easy the preparation on the front end was great. You girls made it look easy! I truly hope that you know how appreciative we are to both of you. You have helped us continue to develop in ways we often don't understand. There were challenges on the trip, but both of you were available when needed. Thanks for all of your hard work, care, and attention." 
- K.G.

"Morocco remains a deeply profound and very personal learning experience in my life, when at my most vulnerable......the concept of fear became non-existent. The trip was a unique opportunity to move beyond the "American/Western" perception of comfort by opening to the kind, compassionate, and ever patient beauty of the Moroccan people.....especially Mustapha and Said who'll remain forever in my grateful heart. As always, the supportive energies of Isabelle Lambert and Eugenia Oganova were ever present. I am so appreciative of their roles and amazing abilities to create a space for 30 plus unique individuals to explore and evolve separately and together." 
- Nancy Argo


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  2. Lovely island view, flawless shorelines, and beautiful frontier towns anticipate guests to the Canary Islands. An inheritance of the Spanish settlements, this archipelago of seven extensive and six littler islands lies 200 kilometers off the northwest shoreline of Morocco and Western Sahara Africa. Nobody is certain how the Canaries got their name, however one clarification is that the singing flying creatures referred to the antiquated Romans as canora made a home on the islands. The biggest of the Canary Islands is Tenerife, which gloats numerous best vacationer sights including the UNESCO-recorded city of San Cristobal de la Laguna.

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