Releasing the Victim Mode

Our physiology reflects the programming of our beliefs. Belief is determined either by the Soul or by the unresolved residue from genetic ancestry or from the past life overlays of judged experience. Every time we react to feelings of doubt, hatred, confusion, rage, worthlessness or irritability, the Victim is winning. It infects our consciousness with its agenda of powerlessness. Just as viruses invade and control cellular machinery, victim mentality overrides the capacity to create our reality from the level of the Soul. Victim energy relegates us to creating from the recycled pain of karma. We can reclaim the power that has been hiding within the victim consciousness by exploring the history of victim energy on this planet, (as in the institution of slavery, or not allowing women to vote, or the idea that whoever wins a war is a victor, or the caste system used by many cultures to entrap people). By looking at how the victim manifests through the fluid and structural levels of our being and how it influences the physical body's diseases and imbalances, we can gain insight into its’ healing. Recovering from duality means courageously facing the victim energy, releasing oneself from its hypnotic grip, and then setting forth on the path to freedom.

Be alert to and focus on hidden or unconscious victim patterns in your life, in yourself and in others. As we vibrate to higher frequencies of energy, the ego, which tends to be in service to the victim energy, can become very fearful of enlightenment and try to sabotage the body/soul fusion of our awakening. The ego only has a reference point for experience that it has previously known or lived in the past. What we are evolving into does not make sense to the ego, only to us as the Higher Self. 


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