Manifestation (or "Pulling the Rabbit Out of the Hat")

We often get disappointed when what we intend to create does not materialize. We are here to learn the mechanics of creation, and that our failures are as valuable (information and data-wise) as our successes. By looking at what actually does materialize, we can learn a lot about the beliefs and expectation paradigms that we are using. The main three aspects of creative competency are: Identity, Process, and Source. Understanding these mechanics promotes the Creator Memory (this is how we can create from “nothing”.) There is a difference between the Ego’s structure, strategies and desires, and that which the Soul is trying to teach us about the manifestation process. As we master our creator abilities, we become better suppliers of our own needs and the needs of and our precious Planet.

We want to make a difference in our own lives, to affect social events, emotional states and physical conditions, and have all of these changes deeply anchored in matter. The power of intent is essential for this process. But have you noticed that often no matter how hard you intend something, it does not change? This is because the use of intention only works when we are PRESENT enough to have an impact on physicality. In order to manifest by intention and desire, we have to be connected enough to the physical body for that translation to occur. The blood, muscles, bones, lungs, etc. all translate our intention into biochemical signals that then become manufactured into objects and events. The muscles of the body tighten and freeze up when we are not fully present. The blood loses its viscosity and the lungs don't fully breathe, and we wonder why our intention hasn't manifested! 

We need to learn to prepare the body properly before we hold an intention, whose fulfillment will make a difference in our lives. The preparatory steps set up a feedback loop of energy. This loop functions between the body (manufacturing system) and the held intention (inner design). Through this process we can make the kind of difference that we truly intend to make, living our lives with conscious direction, instead of just sliding around on our collective karma and fear. 

There is a lot of information available about creation, especially statements like “I can create anything that I desire” (from Abraham Hicks, from “The Secret”, and many more similar books). That is true, it is the Law of Attraction based on the personal energy broadcast, but the “small print” is that the “I” in that sentence is the Higher Self, and not the Ego or the Lower Self! When people say “I want to create…” they usually mean from the Ego-self. That is why it does not work. Not because the Law is flawed, but because the part doing the intending is NOT the Higher Self.

The Ego and the Lower Self are not in abundance, these parts of us are lacking something, and this is why they want to create in the first place, as a means to fill the lack. This is why these intentions do not work, it because the “intender” is in lack. The Higher Self on the other hand is always in alignment with the Divine Plan (the Spirit, the universal journey). And when the Higher Self is the “I” in the “I can create anything that I desire” – that is what sets us on a fulfilling personal growth path. 

Thus if you have been intending something for a long time, and have done everything you could think of for it to manifest, and it still hasn’t worked, first check out who is the “intender”, and consciously work with the issues of lack that could be the subconscious components of that desire (fears, needs and lower desires are all lack-based, and not abundance-based).

You can read more about how to modify your energy broadcast to match your Soul’s desire in the “Personal Broadcast” chapter of Eugenia’s book “Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit”.

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