Releasing the Victim Mode

Our physiology reflects the programming of our beliefs. Belief is determined either by the Soul or by the unresolved residue from genetic ancestry or from the past life overlays of judged experience. Every time we react to feelings of doubt, hatred, confusion, rage, worthlessness or irritability, the Victim is winning. It infects our consciousness with its agenda of powerlessness. Just as viruses invade and control cellular machinery, victim mentality overrides the capacity to create our reality from the level of the Soul. Victim energy relegates us to creating from the recycled pain of karma. We can reclaim the power that has been hiding within the victim consciousness by exploring the history of victim energy on this planet, (as in the institution of slavery, or not allowing women to vote, or the idea that whoever wins a war is a victor, or the caste system used by many cultures to entrap people). By looking at how the victim manifests through the fluid and structural levels of our being and how it influences the physical body's diseases and imbalances, we can gain insight into its’ healing. Recovering from duality means courageously facing the victim energy, releasing oneself from its hypnotic grip, and then setting forth on the path to freedom.

Be alert to and focus on hidden or unconscious victim patterns in your life, in yourself and in others. As we vibrate to higher frequencies of energy, the ego, which tends to be in service to the victim energy, can become very fearful of enlightenment and try to sabotage the body/soul fusion of our awakening. The ego only has a reference point for experience that it has previously known or lived in the past. What we are evolving into does not make sense to the ego, only to us as the Higher Self. 

Ego: Friend or Foe?

ImageCredit: InspireYourSpirit
Ego is a necessary element of outer self-expression here in 3-D. It is a focal point of personal awareness and serves as a perceptual filter for interpreting external life and functions in relation to the trinity of Soul, personality, and physical body. 

There is a lot said about “getting rid of Ego” as a way to “become spiritual”. But Ego is a needed component of personal development, and eventually we will dissolve it and experience Unity consciousness, but until that happens, we must learn to have a healthy, balanced, aware, secure Ego. 

Think of this pathway:

Body  Lower Self (defenses)  Ego  Higher Self (wisdom) Soul-Self

As you can see, between the physical body and the Soul there are all these personality components. The Higher Self is one side of the “developmental river” and the Lower Self is the other, while the Ego is like a ferry boat between them. If the ferry is parked on the Lower Self side, the personality is allied with and to its fears and defenses. If the ferry is attempting to be a boat and traverse the river, staying in the middle, the Ego is lost in the social human drama. If on the other hand the ferry is attached to the Higher Self side, then the Ego is allied with our inner wisdom, love and knowledge.

Having a healthy ego is the gateway to the comprehension of the Soul-Self. The act of compensation/compensating (i.e. needing to prove) is the reaction of an underdeveloped Ego, which creates weakness. Ego strives for some kind of external validation, trying to be good enough, or the opposite, being above others in arrogance. The ego is always setting up unrealistic goals for us, thus insuring the catch-22 of being disappointed and failing to achieve the goal that was false in the first place! Releasing perfectionism, competition, self-denial, worthlessness, judgment and other destructive Ego patterns creates space for the witnessing of the Self. The state of truly witnessing is the state of the balanced Ego. 

Freedom Factor of Food

The food we eat is multidimensional consciousness anchored in matter. We can be controlled by food or liberated by it. Food can help to wake us up and make us more conscious, or it can keep us dulled and pulled back into being trapped by illusion. Food consists of many types of energies: 
  • Biochemical (feeds the material body)
  • mental (feeds the mind – information, knowledge, beliefs, social patterns)
  • emotional (feeds the emotional and astral bodies)
  • spiritual (feeds prana and etheric light to the field and to the body matrix)
The macronutrients of food are: protein (for structure), fats (for cushioning and lubrication), and carbohydrates (for fuel). The micronutrients of food are the phyto-chemicals and antioxidants and these act as the intelligence factors for getting this complex system of nourishing, growing, repairing and maintaining a physical form all to work in collaboration. For example, if we overload the system with too much fuel (carbohydrate), then structures collapse and don’t get repaired because there is too much room delegated to the storage of the excess fuel. If we do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, which are the source that provides the intelligence of the micronutrients, then we subvert the natural wisdom of the body and then the body forgets how to maintain balance. 

The mental and emotional components of a person control metabolism along with genetic and environmental influences. We can learn to consciously interact with food by using love and gratitude for having it, and encouraging the digestive process by chewing well and eating slowly. This helps heal our resistance to being in a dense body, the care and feeding of which is our responsibility and privilege, and not a burden. Also, by having a healthy attitude towards food as deep nourishment we can help ourselves heal from the harsh pattern of entitlement which is wanting more than we are willing to give.

The synchronization of our energies with our food aids biological processing in the physical body. Allergies, digestive issues, acidity, emotional eating, addictions and other problems are signs of vibrational friction between our consciousness and the consciousness of food. Learn to recognize the message in the foods that you crave, love, hate or fear, and then food truly becomes a friend.

Take a loving bite of an apple, the taste enters your mouth and becomes breath and blood, its applen-ness wraps around your muscles, encouraging, giving them the freedom to move towards God.

Animals Guide

ImageCredit: Nick Perrotta
We have three categories or main types of atomic forms on this planet:
  • Animal
  • Plant
  • Mineral 
Animal is a particular type of energy and biological form, a unique consciousness, comparable to human. Due to their instinctual nature animals are fused with the elemental realm of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and are anchored from the 3rd dimension into the 2nd dimension. This gives animals an inherent stability because they sense and know that they are a valuable and crucial part of the flow of life. They know that they belong here. That same instinctual nature allows them to bypass layers of personality, focusing their identity on primal patterns of very stable energy, encompassing huge cycles of time. The paradox of an animal form is in its capacity to stretch between opposites, between the elemental natures of fire, air, water and earth on one end of the spectrum (giving them passion, freedom, nurturance and stability), and the unconditionality of love on the other end (providing them with universal connectedness).

The physical animals of Earth can support the electro-magnetic circuitry of our energy fields and of our bodies, as they go about their own learning of what it means to be an animal on earth. The non-physical energy animals that exist on the astral and other levels can be worked with as totems, guardians and guides. The archetypes of animals, used in astrology and in many cultures in ceremonies and as deities, are essentially conceptual systems, capable of balancing, supporting, healing, encouraging, jumpstarting and invigorating. Since animals do not question themselves, (they do not wonder who they are), they are innately more pure, and like a crystal are more consistent in how they transmit their consciousness. We humans derive great benefit, and sanity, from living alongside these amazing creatures, both the physical and the energetic ones. When you need some help in facing the difficulties inherent in living here in the realm of duality, be wise and call on an animal for support. 

The Consciousness of Water

The unconditionality of the universe is anchored on this planet through water. 

By learning to synchronize with water we can claim our physicality, while supporting our spirituality. Geometric patterns, like snowflakes, infuse water and form microcrystalline shapes that feed us with higher consciousness. Charged structural “smart water” allows us to vibrate with the planet, not only helping us to move through planetary changes with more ease, but also helping Earth to go through them as well. The planet serves us by providing and charging her waters, we serve her by synchronizing with water.

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Creation: Falling Asleep & Waking Up

As the Source (the multitude of supply) exploded into creation, we began the path of Soul Identity. Forged through existence in differing dimensional realities this identity grows and develops. It creates forms out of its desire for expression. Here in the 3rd dimension these forms are called ‘physical life’. As we see the multidimensional patterns in our everyday lives and learn to follow only the ones that are in tune with our Soul Identity, we begin to consciously co-create with our Souls. This process involves intention anchored in form. The understanding of creation gives us access to the true Soul Identity. This Soul-Self is the creative principle utilized in all of the dimensions, as we descend into density and ascend out of it back to Source.

Creation: The Source of all existence became aware of itself through witnessing the push-pull dynamics of expansion and contraction. This internal movement, the infinity symbol, caused an origination point to occur, which allowed the Source to explode. This explosion of splitting awareness resulted in the creation of multiple universes. When the mechanics of universal creation are understood, then creation is complete at that juncture and can be used as raw material for new creations. Otherwise, what exists is the holographic matrix of unrealized creation. The Source, through its urge to know itself, pushed forward into exploration of its new creations through two forces: expansion and contraction. Pockets of reality called Universes allowed the Source to experience the infinite variations of itself. 

Falling Asleep: The essential component of creating in form is falling asleep, so that the previous knowledge of creation outside of density lies temporarily dormant. This allows us to learn how to create by understanding the reality that is unique to each dimension. We are living in a multi-dimensional incomplete universe. An incomplete universe is an unrealized universe, while a complete one is realized or actualized. Our universe is developing as a part of a “double tube-torus” (a twin system), one realized (referred to as Tri) and one unrealized (ours). Our twin universe, the Tri, is already realized, while we are now in the process of completion.

Waking Up: The pendulum of creation is the cycle of falling asleep and coming back to full awareness. This is how the Source evolves. The waking up aspect of this cycle begins when we have completely anchored in density, gone as far into the asleep cycle as possible, and then begin to make our way back out of density. The crucial element of actualization-completion is reaching awareness through the embracement of density. 

Alchemy of Acquisition

Before manifesting can become a possibility in our lives, we have to allow the concept of acquisition (to have and to hold) into our conceptual level programming. An inability to manifest what we want often occurs due to a splitting apart of emotional desire from conceptual possibility. Our emotional level has to be able to hold our desires strongly enough, which then sends pleasure waves into our 2nd chakras expanding them to hold even more of the desire waves. This feels really good and increases our certainty that we can have what we desire. The synergistic and mutually beneficial combination of the conceptual and the emotional energies allows for anchoring the intention of our manifestation through the pleasure of feeling like we already have it.

One of the blocks that dismantles our capacity for acquisition includes ignorance of correct manifestation timing, due to magnetic and electric distortions in our energy fields and planetary cycles:
  • Magnetic distortion is an emotional neediness, a lower desire, longing and wishing; and all of these push what we want further away.
  • Electric distortion is an over-controlling of all of the details of our manifestation. This too tight of a grip is really communicating that we believe that we cannot have the manifestation. 
Fear, anger, anxiety, worry, depression, insecurity etc. are emotional opportunities to gain wisdom and feel peace. Learning to handle these emotional reactions to life will support our internal acquisition alchemy prowess. Looking deeply at our most common or usual types of emotional pain can reveal why we are stuck and show us the patterns of our refusal to become wise.

The two types of stuckness that keep us emotionally mired are:

  • Habit (based on refusal to take responsibility – all habits are unconscious repetitive patterns, and consciousness takes effort and responsibility);
  • Negative comfort (self-pity is NOT self-love! If we refuse to be uncomfortable, and then still expect to grow and develop a Self, well, this refusal essentially takes us out of the spiritual running all together, because any true development requires stepping out of the comfort zone! Any time we begin to grow, our Lower Self becomes uncomfortable. That is a given. If we listen to its pleas and give it the negative kind of comfort: too much food or too much alcohol, excessive TV watching, oversleeping leading to lethargy, not moving as in not exercising, over-medicating with drugs, then we stop our personal development. 

Pain, Pleasure, Fear & the Internal Marriage

The principles of Pain and Pleasure are opposite types of energies, usually engaged in struggling within us, un-balancing and off-setting each other as they structure our behavior by fighting for dominance. Life force must be allowed to move freely from Pain to Pleasure, back and forth, unifying the two. Fear is the glue that stops this unifying motion. Fear acts like a smoke screen covering our attempts at flowing from Pain to Pleasure to Pain to Pleasure…., hiding from our consciousness the deeper reasons for this sabotaging behavior and failure to unify. As it escalates, Fear leads to flat-lining, where the scales of Pain and Pleasure tip in overwhelming favor towards Pain. Each person has a specific pattern of defaulting into fear. Recognizing the defaulting as it is happening can push fear out of the energy field, releasing much needed life force that can lead to the conscious recognition of our precise position on the Pain/Pleasure continuum, hence allowing us to modify it.

As we now are entering into the new paradigm of true communication between the internal opposites of yang and yin, (electric and magnetic), we are evolving the concept of marriage. The First Relationship is always to the Self, the balanced marriage of internal male energies and internal female energies. Earth is receiving more of the Goddess vibration, allowing the female polarity to gain strength. As we embody this planetary shift inside each one of us, the female principal is awakening to its power. The internal male principal has to adjust to this shift, modifying the point of balance. This adjustment isn’t easy for the internal male, as this yang-electric polarity has to develop more healthy boundaries, and cease fighting and demanding to be dominant, while the female yin-magnetic polarity has to become more trusting and undefended. As we learn ways to recognize the internal polarities within us, bringing them into a balanced state, we raise the Consciousness level of our Internal Marriage. This leads to creating dynamic aliveness in our external relationships and the awakening of new passion and potent Self honoring. 

Self-Control & Decision-Making Power

ImageCredit: capstoned
We are all encoded with programs which determine our actions, reactions, emotions, feelings and thoughts. Some codes we carry from other lifetimes, some we pick up by copying or resisting our parents and through genetics. During each life we also become programmed by societal patterns. Most of the difficulties encountered in relating to the external world occur because of the differences in these codes. Internal unhappiness, as an example of a difficulty, is based on the particularity of the codes. We cannot function without the codes, they are part of our identity and anchor through all of the energy levels of the 3rd chakra. But while some codes work for us, others work against us, making it almost impossible to achieve states of balance. 

How do you discover your personal encoding, and bring to the surface the “faulty” codes that do not serve your evolution? 
  • Codes are our unquestioned beliefs. 
  • Some come from the Higher Self (the learned wisdom of many lifetimes),
  • others from the genetics (something that your genetic line is carrying),
  • from upbringing – some of these are positive qualities that we were taught by family members and they are added into our Ego codes. If we continue to use them, by the end of the lifetime they will become the Higher Self codes of wisdom. Others are negative defensive qualities that we developed either as a resistance or a defense against our families (these are the Lower Self codes).
The positive form of control is ‘control with’: a conscious awareness of all components of Self (your energy levels) and the ability to be the ‘president’ of your ‘company’ (the identity who unifies the needs and desires of the whole energy field). The negative form of control is ‘control over’: which constitutes fear of a particular component of Self (energy block/false image) and then the overriding of that feared component by a more dominating one. Perfectionism is one form of negative control where a fixed idea or ‘absolute image’ such as “I need to be right” dismisses all other options of the Self. We need to recognize negative control in our energy fields and personalities and restructure our behavior to free the Self, thus amplifying positive control.

Our private self-image is influenced by the cultural conditioning of how the media portrays what it deems desirable. Becoming the most original and unique individual that we can be requires an objective look at how these images deplete or erase self-acceptance. Destructive competitive comparisons affect our inner integrity and authentic self-presentation. 

Power Imprinting

Each human is born with innate attributes of power. These are the aspects of ourselves that involve talents, abilities, and competency, so that we can experience magnetic fulfillment and satisfaction. These are our graces. Each person can take a well-developed personal power and apply the STRENGTH of that known commodity to any area of their lives where they are stuck or have fear of.

This includes the techniques of: 
  • power overlays (copying an archetypal dynamic or stance );
  • power foundation (worthiness); 
  • power synergy (intention);
  • power additives (affirmations, journaling, daily practice of meditation etc.)
One of the easiest ways to figure out how to stand powerfully in any situation is to research and find a person whom you consider to be powerful, who is in a similar situation or has dealt with one like you are in, and overlay their “power” onto yourself for a moment. This is the idea of “wearing the other person like an outfit”! It only works for few seconds, just enough time to give you the gist of the feeling, and in no way should be used as a substitute of your own development. How do you do this? 
  • Get grounded; 
  • feel your own vertical flow of energy; 
  • then simultaneously tune into a person (can be a real human being, can be a person from the past, can be an archetype from a fairytale, but it cannot be a “role in a movie” because then you will be tuning into an actor who might not possess the needed attributes at all!);
  • hold their image over your body, overlaying yourself. You can move your body to match that image if you’d like (as if you are holding a sword like a famous knight, or are graceful like an Elvin queen, etc.);
  • the most important part: notice what has changed in your system – i.e. what do they have, what do they use, that you do not have or use, so that when the overlay fades in few seconds, you can know what you need to practice to wield that power yourself!
The true feeling of deserving is based on worthiness. The essence of Self that is transmitted from the Soul level into physicality at birth must pass through a “shrinking” process in order to incarnate. It is this shrinking process that is at the base of all feelings of unworthiness, which is then further supported by the emotional pain that we have experienced in many lifetimes. But the pain is a teacher, it supports our awakening and our return to the Soul memory of true worthiness while in a physical 3-D world.

Anchored in the root charka is a type of power that when combined with the sound capacity of the throat charka can create what we command. This will only work if the throat charka and the root charka are aligned. This is the power of the spoken word in resonance with a grounded body. This alignment is an essential component of manifestation through intention.

Building on what we already posses from this lifetime and others, and by “borrowing” an imprint from others, we do not have to re-invent the wheel each time that we increase our capacity for more life. We are designed to be powerful! 

Clothing: Dressing the Soul

When the Soul creates a body, it manifests itself through the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic traits that are necessary for the lessons of that lifetime. As a personality grows through the various ages of its journey in the body, it expresses itself through making many different choices, including the types of clothing it prefers. This then sends a message, like an advertisement, about how we see ourselves, what we like, what we value, the kinds of activities that we engage in, etc. Also, clothing can demonstrate the characteristics of our personal fears, judgments and energy blocks. These can be readily seen in what we choose to wear, and how we choose to wear it.
  • Covering up too much (hiding);
  • Covering too little (competition, having something to prove, desire to seduce);
  • Overly meticulous and non-sexual (attempt to control desires);
  • Overly loose and unkempt (attempt to ignore social rules);
  • Overly bland (trying to “fit in”, to be like others, or desire not be noticed); 
  • Overly bright (trying to “stand out”, to be like no one else, over-forcing one’s uniqueness).
When the personality and the Soul are in alignment, one’s choice of clothing becomes an extension of the Soul’s expression, similar to the paint colors selected by an artist to paint a picture, where the tools of the artist perfectly enhance the message that is to be conveyed. Looking at why, and with what, we choose to cover our bodies is one more mode or facet of self-study. By viewing into this subject, to see how the colors, textures, materials and styles of our clothing choices, now, and throughout human history, has either used as an individuality-power asset or as a restriction. Clothes can be used to support the expression of Higher Self or to support the Ego and the Lower Self, thus it can be of great benefit to pay attention to the outfits that we put our bodies in! As we understand that the Soul grows the body and the personality grows the clothes, what we chose to cover our bodies with becomes a conscious study of Self, bringing us closer to fulfilling our Soul Contract. 

Mystery of Regeneration & Messages of Physical Pain

It is our human perception that time is speeding up. Our cells multiply with a self-diminishing pattern that causes aging. In order to release this body clock aging pattern we must remember how to activate cellular regeneration. Each cell has the capacity to multiply and get stronger with each replication, not weaker. This is called Soul Cellular Regeneration: the use of the full range of the electro-magnetic spectrum to achieve body/soul fusion.

Regeneration is essential for wellbeing, even though we often arrogantly assume that we can just keep on going like an Energizer bunny. The “keep on going” component is the electric polarity of our nature, while “recharging the battery” is the magnetic one. Submergence into the magnetic ocean of energy is the ultimate regenerative power. Proper regeneration is a lost art form! We have forgotten the most efficient ways of recharging, including how to use the sleep state for creation and healing, and what the physical and spiritual purposes of sleep are. Sleep is:
  • a requirement for re-setting the system when we have downloaded new planetary updates into our body computers;
  • a way for our other energy bodies (emotional, mental, astral etc.) to recharge by loosening their connection to the physical body;
  • a place for our emotional and astral bodies to process subconscious issues and also to receive guidance from our energy guides, angels and the universe in general;
  • a means for our “medical team” guides to help heal any developing physical conditions.
By exploring of the Mystery of Regeneration, we build a bridge between dimensions. Fascination with the Mystery leads to its comprehension, hastening evolution and the conscious downloading of knowledge. Regeneration attracts the Soul into the physical body making a home for its expression.

When we are in physical pain, the body is rejecting Light. This pain is a message to our conscious awareness to pay attention and listen to the wisdom of the body. Here is a simple three step process for working with physical pain:
  • release the fears of “worst case scenario” and tune into the pain as a body message only;
  • de-code it by mental tracking what that painful body part or system is related to, by emotional listening and feeling the emotion this pain brings up, by opening to universal energies to deliver an answer or guidance to the true meaning of this pain (does not always work instantaneously, but do set parameters – like “in 24 hours show me what I am hiding from myself”);
  • release the rejection of not-wanting-to-hear the truth, so that the body can heal itself.
The skin is the largest organ of the body. It translates subtle energy into cellular structure and we can help it to translate more Light into our bodies:
  • Recognize attitudes and judgments that affect your skin’s health; 
  • Notice how pollution dampens cell firing patterns and learn what to do about it. 
  • Check out nutritional wisdom for the skin. 
  • Synthesizing physical sunlight with higher spiritual concepts for self-healing and self-balancing mechanisms for the skin. 
  • See the skin as a boundary between inner and outer realities. Strengthen the connection to your inner light and make your skin glow!
There are two basic factors that limit our capacity for joy. One is our attitude towards life and the other is the number of joy receptor sites on the membranes of our cells. We each have a genetic predisposition for the number of joy receptor sites available to us, and we can teach our cells to grow more by changing our attitudes and re-defining what gives us joy and pleasure. When we understand how thought changes biology, we reinvent ourselves, increasing the capacity for joy in our lives and activating true cellular regeneration. 

Body as a Power Relay - Inspiration

ImageCredit: Free at Last© alicepopkorn
The human body is designed, built and maintained from two basic energies, structural and fluid. Consciousness travels through the structured and fluidic energy levels of the body in order to learn about its essential nature in form. By knowing the body, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, we know the instrument that Consciousness uses to know itself. First there is curiosity, which is fluid, then intention, which is both fluid and structural as a balanced system. A concept is a structure of Light. This light moves further into density and gains momentum by attracting various fluid energies (feelings and emotions) eventually becoming matter. The Soul’s consciousness is a focal point of intention that enters form and moves between thought-light-matter. When we align our specific personality consciousness with the path of the Soul’s intention, our lives are filled with the Light of Curiosity for this amazing world.

As an energy program of this Universe, installed into planetary systems, the concept of Trinity has been used by many Earth cultures in their quest for balance. When the people of Earth were more awake, the true meaning of the Trinity was understood, but in the fall of consciousness, Trinity became a mere symbol, often portrayed through three ‘gods’ or other icons. As Earth is awakening, we can now look at the true meaning of Trinity and reconnect to the original planetary program, enhancing our stability, awareness and creativity. It is beneficial to learn to see our experiences as “positive” AND “negative”, vs. “positive” OR “negative”. The splitting of our experiences onto positive or negative perceptions leads to a loss of life force, while joining these perceptions into a balanced mastery of positive and negative in each experience, results in the accumulation or increase of life force energy within us. Through the power of self-identity in form, Light and Dark balance into Unity. This is the original Trinity.

Inspiration is an awakening of the creative energy within us. It can only happen if we are anchored in the physical body and at the same time connected to higher frequencies. The Muse never moves permanently in with us, instead, inspiration comes as a wave, rhythmically raising and lowering us. It is our responsibility to stay afloat when the wave is on its low curve. The physical body is designed to generate enough life force internally for all of the inspiration that we will ever need! The energetic oscillation between the physical nervous system and the blood is the main factor for creating life force inside of the body. Learn to use this internal design to your advantage. In modern cultures we are conditioned to use external life events as the force builder, making humanity into a voracious consumer. Wake up the original mechanisms of generating life force internally, by knowing that all power resides within, thus sparking a process of inspired creative energy in moments of fatigue, struggle, or problem-solving. 

Designing Life

A Soul designs the plan for a lifetime and the personality interprets and attempts to apply the plan to both internal and external reality. We can create our lives by design or by default. Following the Soul’s blueprint we enhance the elegance, beauty, wisdom, grace and power of our experience. Living a balanced existence depends on the proper use of pacing, rhythms, patience, passion, desires, persistence and the willingness to be guided. If you feel that your life is running you, then the active/forming/building energies are too strong. They are not in synch with the gestating/absorbing/taking apart energies. If you can’t seem to get your life going, then it is the reverse. By learning to implement, in balance, the principles of forming and releasing, which are the foundation for “reading the Soul’s design,” we can create a satisfying, invigorating, beautiful and powerful lifetime for ourselves.

Have you ever felt that even after all of the processing and clearing, you’re still back at “square one”? Consciousness is cyclical and evolutional changes occur in large spirals. Emotional collapse and negative attitudes create tension and disrupt our movement along the spiral of consciousness. This disruption minimizes happiness, joy and pleasure in our energy fields. When instead of resisting, we change our intentions to be in alignment with the spiral, we then create ease in the processing of everyday life. That change is accomplished by noticing when it is time to push, and when it is time to let go, when to persevere, and when to relax and recharge. Trust your own intuition here! And a good clue could be: 
  • Do you want to push out of fear, or need for control, or lower desire? Or is it your true Self who has generated the momentum and you only need to step up to the plate with courage?
  • Do you want to let go out of fear, or belief in your unworthiness and inability to proceed? Or is it your Soul-Self that is guiding you to release and let Spirit provide?
Every single experience is a teaching from the Soul. Out of myriad possibilities, each event that occurs in a day has an exact lesson for us. The answers to all of our questions are imprinted in our daily experience. Dive below what appears on the surface and decode your personal wisdom by looking within, by choosing to spend time focusing on yourself internally in order to resonate more deeply with your Soul! Expand beyond the literal interpretation of events into the spherical big picture of “why things happen.” 

Plasma Body Alchemy

Matter exists in four distinct states. Three of these states have been well known throughout the ages, and the fourth state has often been overlooked:
  • solid 
  • liquid 
  • gaseous 
  • plasma 
This fourth state of matter, plasma, is the bridge to the finer, more subtle vibrations of the Universe. This bridge is actually an infinite array of plasmic entry points, precisely infused between dark and light, between antimatter and matter, and is how the Soul creates the form of biological structure. Specifically, the Soul creates the form of the human body, and then throughout each lifetime, it attempts to descend into its creation, and more fully “wake it up.” The success of this process is determined by the state of balance, at the edge of the dark matter/light matter interface, of the physical body, which in turn depends on how much the body is occupied by a willing participant who will allow the Soul to enter it. The ego and the individual body-identity must be open for Soul contact.

This interaction isn’t possible without proper translation, through pathways known as chakra and meridian systems, both of which function as support sequences for stepping down the high frequency of the Soul’s energy making it more digestible for the body. Mixing the intense and potently fast vibrations of the Soul with the denser atomic make-up of a body is the basis of all alchemy. Our resistance to being in a body, because it is so dense and often uncomfortable, acts like a negative force field and blocks this alchemical infusion process and keeps us in the experience of separation consciousness. By looking at the intricacies of this resistance and we can learn to clear them using ‘body-meanings’ techniques such as: 
  • body as friend, partner and ally;
  • body as beloved;
  • body as temple;
  • body as intelligence;
  • body as safety.
The well-being of the plasma body is influenced primarily by: light, food, exercise, emotions, sleep, beliefs, environment, community and the knowledge of individual destiny. These nine areas of human engagement are undergoing a refinement and upgrade process as we acquire more realization of their importance and impact on our evolution. Layering them into a harmonious and coherent pattern stabilizes us so that we can monitor our progress and address any needed shifts in perception or priorities. This will enable us to stay out of “life as the daily grind” and be in the Know of the Flow. The plasma body is in a constant state of pulsating a “new becoming.” It is not tied directly into the genetics, or karmic overlays, and because of this it is flexible enough, impressionable enough, to usher in a new beginning. 

Mapping your Soul Direction

Curiosity allows the entity that we are to enter density and to learn; to have a direction. Curiosity helps us see the map that shows us where the treasure of our Souls can be found. Without it we are lost, discouraged, confused or depressed. We need to look at how the amount of charge that we have in our intention for curiosity is exactly proportional to the amount of life force that we allow ourselves to play with. Learn to know the difference between overly forced goals and true Soul direction. In the moments when we do not see any direction in life, we are trapped in the limitations of our self-imposed beliefs. These beliefs fake us out and move us away from clear sight and forward motion. Knowingness, located in the crown chakra and pleasure waves, sourced from the second chakra, are the two main areas from which to procure a map. Being able to experience our crown chakras and 2nd chakras simultaneously, supports our evolution, and our “finding of the map”, and must be practiced. 

The following three categories act like circular vice grips that trap and kill our intention and desire for achievement of the dream of following the Soul:
  • Distraction (which is desire for entertainment as an escape, is always a clue that we are not on the path, not feeling deeply, not in alignment with the Soul, and overly electric to boot!);
  • Procrastination (this is always an indicator of fear – so step outside of the circumstantial story and look for what are you REALLY afraid of!)
  • Disappointment (this is always based on a failed expectation! – examine your expectations and attachments to the outcome, and release the expectation/attachment. This generates positive detachment (trust) and being in harmony with the Soul’s perspective.
In order to break out of this trap, we need to know how it is made and how we wear it. How do we get seduced by these blocks? Staying on track, means following the map, and requires knowledge of these proverbial pitfalls so that we are not gripped by them. Then we can glide forward with grace instead of stumbling blindly. Self-orientation, finding the true trajectory, noticing signposts, and listening to inner guidance are crucial in reaching the dream of Soul’s direction. 

Internal Pollution Solutions

All of our energy levels are intricately interconnected and without proper communication our systems malfunctions. We are designed with many self-cleaning mechanisms, which in our complex and over-stimulated reality tend to break down or get overridden by our strong emotional feelings. We get too much competitive noise on the conceptual and mental levels and get overstuffed with drama/depression/anxiety on the emotional and astral levels. This pollution is part of our learning opportunity as we struggle to stay conscious, constantly being pulled between hypnotic superficial images and the reality of the Soul. 

We can detoxify each level of our energy fields efficiently one by one:
  • Conceptual detox: find, face and release (learn from) victim and separation-based beliefs;
  • Unconditional detox: release your desires to punish when you feel you, or someone else, has been “wronged”;
  • Truth detox: let go of the “black-and-white / right-and-wrong” dualistic view of truth, let go of the need to prove anything – everyone has their own perception of life!
  • Astral detox: let go of your negative attachments to people (both needing someone or hating someone are attachments! Judgment is an attachment! Blame, resentment, anger, fear or need – all are negative attachments which pollute the astral body);
  • Mental detox: notice and change self-judgment thoughts, and negative hopeless thinking;
  • Emotional detox: notice and change self-deprecating, punishing, and cruel behaviors – replacing them with self-love, self-care, and preciousness;
  • Etheric detox: learn to manage stress with meditation, positive affirmations, change in beliefs and attitudes, and proper rest;
  • Physical detox: besides the obvious things like proper nutrition, diet, movement and rest, and deep breathing, learn to listen to your body so you know what it is telling you!
As Nature is coming back into balance (despite what it may look like!), we have access to more types of healing energies, including an increase in the ability to breathe prana/chi. These can help return us to a greater vibrancy and dynamic aliveness. Certain energies can pull out or transmute energetic and physical toxins. If you are doing “everything right” and still having negative results, you need to look at the reasons why the internal clearing and detoxifying mechanisms are not working properly or to their highest potential, and work specifically with the blocks in each of the energy levels, not just the physical level! This is very important, because without a properly working self-detoxifying mechanism we will be plagued by energy-pollution, making emotional balance and physical health hard to achieve. It is the internal automated detox systems that maintain our conscious evolution by allowing the personality and body to go through its processing without destructive interference from pollution.

Your Confident Authority

The strongest motive-idea that has propelled human development is the production of a spiritual-physical being composed of the following: 

        Source (energy substance) 
        Creator (passion organizer) 
        Self (point identity) 

First we learn to generate energy (substance). Second, by having an abundance of energy, passion arises in order to use this energy in a specific way. The creative/passion function, with such a strong desire to make something manifest, pushes the energy/substance through the self-point and into our experience. Each human being has the RIGHT to exist. We have to decide if we WANT to exist. If this is accepted then the intense desire to be alive and the commitment to that existence becomes anchored in time/space. The refusal to anchor is called hiding. We are wired to be open, clear, well-boundaried and personally unique. By claiming space (the right to exist) we can more fully want to exist. 

True outer authority comes only from inner authority. The inner authority is a Soul’s wisdom anchored through personal identity in the body. As children our sense of personal identity develops in relation to how much influence we have on the external world, how many personal needs we get fulfilled and how much understanding of reality we can encompass. If identity is aligned with our Soul, authority naturally exists. If identity is aligned with family, past lives or societal patterns instead, we generate power for false outer authority, which is a compensation for the not-enoughness of Self. 

The components of the state of being called courage are biochemical and energetic. It is not just the “absence of fear” – instead it is mastery in the face of fear! 

The heart charka energy is an important component of courage and it is undergoing reconstruction in many people at this time. It is evolving into a greater capacity for receiving and holding unconditional love. This change is affecting the thymus gland which energetically feeds the heart charka and helps us to determine what is “self” and what is “other”.

The 3rd chakra represents identity and is the center for personal power. Through the second chakra run the energies of creativity, pleasure and passion. The root chakra represents our safety and security. When these chakras work together synchronistically, we gain power and are able to function more effectively in our everyday living.

The History of Karma

We have lived many lives, all of them recorded in the conscious matrix of this Universe. Entering into a new life and exiting a life are crucial points in the formation of our human identity. These two points imprint, in the coming and going, the amount of karmic learning taken on for the new life or the next one, thus encoding the life lessons. Our new identity carries these patterns of birth and death as the most ingrained and potent definitions of who we are. This makes them the hardest to clear. 

To find a point of realigning this karma, unlocking its influence on identity, we must look at the traumatic karmic patterns of birth and death (like dying in war, being stillborn, being abandoned at birth, drowning, being murdered, poisoned, starved etc.). How do we know what happened? If you examine your life now you will notice how many times you have “stepped on the same shovel.” We all have repetitive fears and issues, and if we study them, it is not hard to imagine what the story might have been which originally created that karmic fear. This is the main impetus of your Soul’s learning, asking you to decode the prevailing karmic pattern! This pattern can be disarmed through practicing intention to heal it, and detangling its influence from the 3rd chakra identity codes.

Every Soul enters a form with the intention of awakening the genius within it. This process begins with a conscious desire, but as a Soul descends into density, the smoke-screen of fear begins to cloud the clarity of that intention. Fear leads to powerlessness and the negative projection of our internal power onto external authority. We are left with only one conscious desire: to be safe. This is part of our refusal of the original intention of the Soul. Since intention for awakening genius is part of everyone’s Soul contract on Earth, no one can “be safe” while in the refusal pattern. While in the negative projection of our power, we live in victim consciousness and fear is the dominant force of that dynamic. Eventually the light of the Soul shines strongly enough through our personality to allow glimpses of remembrance of our original intention. Sometimes the smallest awakening is enough for a personality to take responsibility for the negative projection of power, reclaim it, and return it to Self. Fear has to be faced head on, so we can find what is hidden behind it, thus building identity power. Self-responsibility moves us further along, (we are Heroes in the making) into the position of “Power of Choice,” testing the alignment with our Soul’s intention. We are free to choose to honor the wisdom of the Soul, or to ignore it, put we fully hold the power and the responsibility for our choices. Our conscious use of free will eventually lead to an expanded range of awareness - the genius within us – the awakened Hero in alignment with the Soul.

The programming for the sequential pathways of moving through the steps of the Hero’s journey is part of the new planetary consciousness, teaching us how to grow up with balance, grace and ease. But, we also inherit difficult variations of this program through genetics, adopt erroneous parental belief systems and sometimes activate challenging patterns from other lifetimes (miasms). This can become very messy, especially considering that Gaia herself just recently moved out of the victim phase, before leaving Earth to the Being known as Pi (who has never experienced the “victim mode”). Genius is the calling card of the Soul. As each of us realigns our energy fields with the new planetary programs and the original Soul’s design we will all eventually adjust our journey to a more direct pathway into genius.

The Vibe of Sexual Attraction & Female Sexual Ignition

The experience of sexual attraction has always been a mystery to humans, and we tend to give power away when we feel attracted. There are four types of attraction:
  • Spiritual (this is when one Soul recognizes another, it is an attraction that unifies electric and magnetic forces, but has nothing to do with the material body).
  • Mental (this is when we feel we have found an ally on our journey – someone we can trust).
  • Emotional and Astral (this is usually a karmic attraction, based on the unprocessed emotional issues from other lives).
  • Chemical (this is the body-to-body sexual attraction).
Most people, when they think of an attraction, usually mean the chemical one.

How does sexual attraction happen? It is an elemental force, demonstrating the formula of compatibility of the chemical make-up of our bodies. It can feel very powerful and profound, but in and of itself it does not mean much! In our culture we glorify the chemical attraction as if it were the top of all attractions, but in reality it is only the physical unrefined component. Yes, it is a very strong dynamic when it occurs, and it feels super intense, but it has absolutely nothing to do with past lives, with Soul learning, or with emotional loving. You don’t even have to like the person and yet there is still this super-strong chemistry that is occurring!

What makes our physical bodies go into a state of sexual desire is the elemental formula of the body. Every person is born with a particular formula for their material presence indicating how much Fire, Air, Water and Earth they have taken on in this lifetime. When we find someone compatible to this formula (i.e. they have more of what we do not have) we feel attracted to them sexually.

How is the energy field involved in sexual charge? The energy field experiences the NEED for another person at the point of attraction. We feel that they have the elements that we do not possess, and so we want to link with them to gain the missing elements. 

Our personal elemental deficits, or over-abundances, play their role in the second-dimensional elemental formulas required for sexual attraction. Our Soul’s provides the drive, activating the need on many different energy levels, to acquire new frequencies for growth through sexual interaction.

The brilliance of the Soul’s strategy is in utilizing the sexual attraction to help us process our own issues and learn. We don’t have to make the new frequencies from scratch. By receiving them from a partner, and then weaving them into our aura, we accept the new frequencies and own them, amplifying (yin) and defining (yang) and multiplying more possibilities for creative power.

The energetic anatomy of the female body as it relates to sexuality is such that the Light reacts with the sexual fluids, activating them into a powerful alchemical mixture. That power can be supportive of us, or we can use it against ourselves, if we have not learned to master it yet.
  • When it is supportive: during orgasm the combination of Light and activated fluids creates an opening in the cellular membranes that attracts the more of our own Soul into the body. 
  • When it is against us: a woman does not feel fully safe and is not holding her own power, and so instead of receiving her own Soul, she receives all the negative astral energy from her partner (instead of “being a temple” she is being “a prostitute” in her energy alignment). Unfortunately, in this state a woman picks up about 7 years worth of negativity from a man. 
Choosing to clean up the past connections which do not feed and support a woman, choosing to release the astral baggage she has taken on from the men she’s been with, choosing to see herself as a temple of Light, these choices then make sexuality a spiritually beneficial experience. 

When a woman learns to “be the temple”, and also to clean up some of the karmic relationship issues from the past, she eventually releases the need for the sexual attraction in a chemical way (and its control over her), and then makes progress into the category of Spiritual attraction (metabolizing Light) which when coupled with the Mental, Emotional, and Chemical attractions makes the best relationship with another possible to have.

Why Things Happen: Cellular Matrix of Intent

Intent is an extension of the Soul’s desire to explore life. It is a thrusting forward with momentum and conviction, yang-electric form of the Soul’s participation in the creation of reality. As an alignment of crystalline-type energy patterns, Intent penetrates the depth of a conscious being through all of the levels of the energy field and, when integrated into its densest component, becomes manifest.

The physical cells of our bodies are components of an elaborate network of crystalline energy structures. Every physical cell has multitudes of energy cellular blueprints and templates encompassing it. When all of these non-physical templates align with the matter-based cell itself, Intent anchors into physicality. Anchored Intent affects reality, like a cookie cutter pressing unto dough, we take from the substance of life and form our creations according to our coherent focus. Our lives change through anchored aligned Intent.

The physical Body is the last frontier of the Soul. It is encoded to respond to the Soul's light and transform that light into intelligence, wisdom, health and joy. It is the House of the Soul in the density of matter. 

Certain conditions are necessary for the Intent to manifest:
  • alignment of the crystalline energy structures through Intent
  • the correct cellular nutrients to feed the cell
  • our energy presence in the cell 
Incoherent Intent is a misalignment of the crystalline templates of the cell. This misalignment occurs because of competing and conflicting emotions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs. If we do not believe something can become manifest, we destabilize our crystalline-cellular Intent matrix and then what we desire cannot manifest. When human Intent is coherent (life-affirming), there is cooperation between emotions, feeling, thoughts and beliefs. This coherent Intent, when anchored into the biochemistry of the cell, powers our manifestations into reality.

Why Things Happen: Insight and Clarity

Crystals have long been valued for their beautifully precise symmetry. This symmetry allows for the depth of clarity seen in the matrix of the crystal. They have an atomic structure that is so absolutely defined, each atom situated at an exact distance and angle from its neighbor creating an arrangement of such incredible stability, that many electronics and time keeping devices are based on them. That is extreme accuracy! Human beings have inherent sensory capacities that, when we know how to use them, function like crystals for clear seeing into the Self. It is a human-type of ‘crystalline mechanics’ for seeing any situation with the eyes of the Soul, using the 6th chakra (visionary) and also the solar plexus 3rd chakra (Self-Identity.)This type of seeing is like using the coherency of light from a laser (extreme focus), coupled with a psychic dependability for comprehending reality from many facets or points of view, leading one to Whole Seeing or Unity consciousness (seeing in totality without leaving anything out). 

By using the example of crystalline clarity, we can probe the events of our lives and decode them to understand why they are happening so that we learn the lesson the first time around. We can explore how to use the energy of insight to enhance self-trust for deeper knowing in these three areas:
  • emotional: balance and communication in relationships;
  • sourcing: abundance and sensory pleasure
  • physical: body health and well being
Every person is a unique composite of power and karma. Power is what we are already good at, what our assets are, and karma is the left over residue of what we haven't yet learned. Karma is not a punishment, but when experienced it is usually painful because of the misinterpretation of events. If we are willing to see into the karmic pain and process it, and really look without flinching, then the power that was trapped in the karma becomes clear, and is then made available for us to use. The “crystalline mechanics” of:
facing without flinching, seeing without prejudice, and processing with insight and love = the transmutation of our karma into our power.

Why Things Happen: Personal, Political, Planetary

All of our experiences are opportunities for learning, encoded with wisdom. They are structured and sequenced perfectly to wake us up, step by step. We attract them to us with such precision exactly because they have the greatest chance of teaching us what we need to know. We even try them out in the dream state, before they manifest in physical life, just like a dress rehearsal. If we don't see, feel or know what the wisdom of the situation is, then we repeat the experiences until we get their wisdom. So, using the personal perspective, like a detective, approach each day with generous curiosity and alertness for what the Soul is trying to teach the Self. Having to repeat challenging experiences, until we learn, ensures three things:
  • that we learn how to look fully, straight on, at life (fearless and brave);
  • that we learn to love it (presence and acceptance);
  • that we know the power hidden at its core (willingness to change).
Our personal experiences create the politics of our social relationships which then create our global planetary reality. From the microcosm of one human life to the macrocosm of an entire planet, we all contribute to its well-being. Many ancient tribal warfare patterns of “us against them,” are getting dismantled, because as operating programs of planetary consciousness they are now archaic, and collaboration is set to take their place. We can stop the reality of war among humans by stopping the inner war that is within each of us. Knowing that our daily thoughts, feelings and actions affect everyone else on the planet is an empowering stance of self-responsibility and can change scarcity into abundance, judgment into tolerance and hatred into love.

The path to wisdom winds through responsibility to Self, to others and to the environment. There is enormous growth in living self-responsibly, and rewards for each of us if we can take full advantage of what happens every day, and then turn it into wisdom. One of these rewards is that the power center of the 3rd chakra learns how to hold more of the Fire Element and that translates as more self- esteem, passion and strength of character to be in Truth. Being in Truth then acts like a beacon that attracts the Light, and then Love just flows on in.

Evolutionary Zones & Gravity Spheres

Everything in the universe is evolving towards wholeness. Each human has a direction and speed, encoded as a learning curve, which includes the discovery and application of universal laws. This leads to a graceful evolution. If we do not follow these laws, evolution still happens, but with much more friction. We experience that friction as mishaps, failures, dead ends and pain. 

By tracking and monitoring our progress through the zones (Identity, Inquiry, Integrity) we dissolve the negative thought-forms that hypnotize and delude our true awareness. Thought-forms are energy “blobs” that exist on the Astral Level. They are human-created and consist of a combination of mental and astral/feeling energy:
thought + feeling = thought-form

Because thought-forms are imprinted by the mental level, they become what they believe themselves to be. Due to this feeling imprint they have a desire to fulfill themselves. Most of the thought-forms on the planetary Astral Level are destructive and contribute to pollution because they are unconsciously created. Learning to use clear thought aligned with conscious intent creates constructive thought-forms with beneficial desires. This makes it easier to manifest your choices, while reducing planetary astral pollution.

The identity of the Self is the baseline from which continued growth occurs. It is often easier to gain awareness of hidden pieces of the Self by seeing them in others. We get triggered positively (“I just love this person!” or “I am so impressed with them!”) or negatively (“I just do not understand how someone can do this!” or “they ought to do this differently”) by people and circumstances around us. What we admire in others often reflects untapped potential within ourselves. And what we fear, hate, despise and judge in others is a sign of a similar energy blocked and trapped within us. 

Inquiry into the Self (its internal reality and external perceptions,) is the introspective lens of evolution. Fear stops Self inquiry, freezing up the energy pathways. When energy cannot circulate, it stagnates. We might feel safe for a while, but it is a false security based on lack of movement. Internal investigation creates an expansion of identity and this allows us to see and know our true nature.

Integrity is a wrapping together of the qualities of honor, love, and truth. Without it we are disjointed, lost/confused or delusional. Lack of integrity is one of the main causes of psychic pollution. When we cannot tolerate our own negativity, we project it outwards, blaming the world and making us a victim. We “velcro” onto other people or project out our disowned feelings. In this “velcroing” scenario, we hook onto another person on the Astral Level as a form of psychic splitting, giving authority over us to the astral hook. This is suppression of personal power. When we project disowned energy, it sends a judgmental thought-form into another person’s energy field. If the recipient accepts the thought-form, the circulation in their energy field slows down and wakes up a defense reaction: anger/push out or collapse/fall in. The sender of the thought-form robs himself of an opportunity to integrate his negativity, while the recipient is stuck dealing with the projection. Personal integrity interrupts this behavior and frees up the energy for transformative inner work. 

In the absence of integrity the ego futilely attempts to figure out the rules for winning. If it can only know them and follow them it assumes it can get love, support and acceptance, and finally feel safe. This ego need to know the rules makes us desire black-and-white absolutes. But Soul agenda is much broader than safety, it is unconditionality. Soul is interested in the details, the nuances of the universe in all of its expansiveness and density. When we live with integrity, we do not need to uplift ourselves by idealizing positive qualities and avoiding responsibility for negative ones. By developing integrity we can co-exist with our darker side without lowering our value. We can encompass perceived positives and negatives without affecting our worthiness

Gravity is a concept, a dimension and a force capable of supporting the entire universe and of crushing it. Our relationship to gravity determines the speed of our evolution. Too much attraction and we get crushed by the pain of density; too much repulsion and we float away into illusion. The longing to “be done here” or “to go home” is a rejection of gravity. When we attempt to avoid it, we create difficulties. Our fear of entrapment in gravity is a misconception based on experiences of pain associated with the avoidance of gravity, not the gravity itself. A healthy relationship with gravity brings true simplicity into life. It creates steadiness and focus and allows the growth of harmony and beauty. Gravity is the final point of completion of Self ownership.

The energy of gravity creates spheres of potent charge. These gravity spheres negatively trap gravity causing imbalance. The energy charge is very strong, but cannot anchor properly, so it circulates like a caged animal, which is experienced as discomfort or pain. A cumbersome relationship based on guilt is an example of a gravity sphere. The dead weight of a responsible job might be a personal gravity sphere. Living in the pain of arrogance and superiority definitely is one. 

One of the most common human gravity spheres is debt. Lately, the imbalanced human desire to move with ever increasing speed on the evolutionary curve, created a gap in the available charge. This gap became filled by borrowing the charge (energetic or physical) from other more stable sources. We are a culture living in debt, a country in debt, a world in debt. The absence of patience, irresponsibility, and the ego’s desire to avoid gravity, are all contributing factors. Releasing personal debt on all levels pops the gravity sphere, freeing us to live in the Soul’s rhythm.

Gravity is related to the quantum level of our being. The quantum level acts as an underbelly of the matrix of all humans. At this level there is simultaneously form and no form, there is time and no time. Everything moves in all directions and at the same time everything remains still. There are various ways that gravity affects the energy bodies and the physical body. Humans tend to fear aging of the physical body and this is often blamed on gravity. This fear is a societal-astral pattern, not a reality. A healthy relationship with gravity and its proper application allows for flowing simplicity and the realized desire of internal freedom.