The Meaning of Life Made Simple (Survival - a mandatory requirement for life on Earth)

In this workshop we will look at the concept of “survival” as a welcomed component of life, a natural and enjoyable requirement for evolutionary growth. Physical survival is a day to day reality, a form of basic physical existence, not an emotional attitude. Animals don’t complain about taking care of their needs, they just do it. They are very intelligent and do not bemoan the fact that their needs of food and shelter and other basics, require much of them. Humans tend to want their pleasure needs to be fulfilled first, and are resentful if their physical needs get in the way. We want what we want! and survival needs tend to be seen as a nuisance or even a threat. 

In the year 2009, the main thrust of planetary consciousness is to move beyond the seemingly eternal presence of the mentality of war and fighting to survive, into the more graceful and supportive energies of cooperation and sharing. In order to survive, we need a Self. Then we need cellular and biological nourishment. Then we need the will to change and grow, to become more than we currently are.

We need to learn to separate the caring for our physical forms/bodies, from the emotional and mental traumas of daily life. We all carry in our DNA deeply imprinted survival fears. Because of our collective history of fear of annihilation, and the precarious and vulnerable nature of our humanity, most of us live in chronic survival trauma. This has got to end. We are capable of so much more if we could just handle survival well.

We will look extensively at the history of the first humans that lived in an area of the planet called Gondwana, and see how they formed the original imprint of survival fear, the same fear that we inherit today. This imprint contains both the fear of Earth changes and the fear of pandemic human diseases. The closer that we get to Spirit, the further back we need to go into the origins of our physical form. We are going to look at all of the ways that we sabotage our physical existence, and make “simply living” at a basic level, way more complicated than it needs to be.

Price: $65
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