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Dear Eugenia and Isabelle, it has been less than a month since our return to the U.S and not a day goes by without me thinking about and missing Egypt! I felt such a connection to the country, the land, the people, the temples and to the sacred sites and I know without any doubt, that I want to go back. I feel the pull to return so strongly. I am so grateful to you both. You were amazing group leaders and I know my experience was special because of you. I want to thank you both from the depth of my heart for this amazing trip. I bought a small alabaster statue of Sekhmet in Egypt and each morning I speak to her and ask her to help me align my vibration to that which I desire. I feel so close to her. I still feel her power even though I am here and not in Egypt standing in front of her. I just wanted to let you know how I felt and to tell you both that I would be honored to make the journey to Egypt with you again when you return. Nothing has made me happier than when I heard you were going back! I actually get emotional thinking about it. I cannot explain how I feel about this country. I feel as though I took part in something so sacred, but also familiar. I know I want and need more. I want to thank you! There are no words for the gratitude I feel. I could not have chosen to experience this country with anyone but you two and the people that took the journey with us. It was perfect as it was. 
- Leslie H.

Traveling to Egypt and Petra, with Isabelle and Eugenia, was like being under an umbrella of timeless grace with unexpected states of joy. We entered places that ordinary seekers would never have access. Guided by their stewardship, I could focus upon what was inwardly essential to connect with in each of the sites. I felt more aligned with my past in the present. I anchored more of my soul into my body and was deeply supported on so many levels. Our Egyptian guides were wonderful. Eugenia and Isabelle were always available for stellar assistance to process whatever was going on inside. All in all, it was an exquisite journey that was inwardly expansive, outwardly beautiful and united with a fun, loving group, of like-minded travelers. I was thrilled to be a part of this Energy Pulse journey. 
- Robert B.

I have long been a world traveler, but the experience with Eugenia and Isabelle in Egypt and Jordan was no ordinary tour. Even if it was a typical tour, I would assign it a five-star rating, due to the luxurious accommodations and fine food we enjoyed. From lovely, modern hotels in cities, to bougainvillea-covered cottages in the desert, to the elegant accommodations on a Nile cruiser, every effort was made to make us comfortable and relaxed and to allow us the inward focus that was our purpose. All of the people we encountered were pleasant, kind and welcoming, and our special guides took all of our wishes and needs to heart. It was, indeed, a most sacred journey, a “magical mystery tour,” designed for personal and planetary benefit. It far exceeded my expectations. We were often given the privilege of being alone, as a group, in the ancient, hallowed temples and tombs without the distractions of other tourists. Because Isabelle and Eugenia prepared us with the informational and energetic groundwork regarding each sacred site, we were able to access various properties and dimensions within them through toning, simple ceremony and prayer. Singing together in the dark and sacred crypts of the Hathor Temple, lying alone in the sarcophagus of the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid, these were highlights of my personal experience wherein I was able to remember, re-member parts of myself. The grand finale, of course, was our mutual welcoming of the Pi energy in the square of Petra, the Jordanian city carved in pink sandstone. It was a quiet moment in an ancient and beautiful place, laced with great import that touched us all very deeply. And yet, interspersed with the seriousness of our purpose on this journey, I was delighted to partake in many heart-to-heart conversations and an incredible amount of hilarity and fun as I enjoyed the camaraderie of like-minded, good-hearted compatriots. This journey was one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself. 
- Lotus H.

Have you ever wanted to travel to other countries but were unsure of so many things about it? I was like that -- a total novice to international travel. So I could have become worried about the details. But I went on the Energy Pulse tour in the fall of 2010 to Egypt and Jordan, and I was very relaxed and at ease because I found myself in the hands of two amazing women who have traveled internationally before (and so they had made sure that each individual on the tour was well informed and came prepared). A bonus for me was noticing that they were attentive to each of us in the group but they themselves remained relaxed, loving being there to enjoy the journey themselves all the while ensuring that each of us on the tour had our every need met. They had done all of the preparation work -- hotels, most meals, ground transportation, etc. -- even water for all of us on the bus tours. And their collaborations with our in-country tour guides allowed for some very special surprises along the way. I am already saving for my next adventure with them as my guides and would recommend their services to anyone wanting the assuredness that they are in the hands of professionals who truly love travel. 
- Sherry W.

The Energy Pulse experience in Egypt:

Although, traveling always is an amazing way to discover yourself, when one gets the chance to do it with an extraordinary group of people led by extraordinary leaders, the journey takes another dimension!! The 2010 trip to Egypt was, for me, a gateway to a new me. One that I had never faced before, one that needed to come out for my own individual growth. A true blessing. Have I changed? Absolutely. Was it worth it? Not a single doubt about it! Would I go back? In a heartbeat! Love and Light 
- Aline A.

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