Alchemy of Acquisition

Before manifesting can become a possibility in our lives, we have to allow the concept of acquisition (to have and to hold) into our conceptual level programming. An inability to manifest what we want often occurs due to a splitting apart of emotional desire from conceptual possibility. Our emotional level has to be able to hold our desires strongly enough, which then sends pleasure waves into our 2nd chakras expanding them to hold even more of the desire waves. This feels really good and increases our certainty that we can have what we desire. The synergistic and mutually beneficial combination of the conceptual and the emotional energies allows for anchoring the intention of our manifestation through the pleasure of feeling like we already have it.

One of the blocks that dismantles our capacity for acquisition includes ignorance of correct manifestation timing, due to magnetic and electric distortions in our energy fields and planetary cycles:
  • Magnetic distortion is an emotional neediness, a lower desire, longing and wishing; and all of these push what we want further away.
  • Electric distortion is an over-controlling of all of the details of our manifestation. This too tight of a grip is really communicating that we believe that we cannot have the manifestation. 
Fear, anger, anxiety, worry, depression, insecurity etc. are emotional opportunities to gain wisdom and feel peace. Learning to handle these emotional reactions to life will support our internal acquisition alchemy prowess. Looking deeply at our most common or usual types of emotional pain can reveal why we are stuck and show us the patterns of our refusal to become wise.

The two types of stuckness that keep us emotionally mired are:

  • Habit (based on refusal to take responsibility – all habits are unconscious repetitive patterns, and consciousness takes effort and responsibility);
  • Negative comfort (self-pity is NOT self-love! If we refuse to be uncomfortable, and then still expect to grow and develop a Self, well, this refusal essentially takes us out of the spiritual running all together, because any true development requires stepping out of the comfort zone! Any time we begin to grow, our Lower Self becomes uncomfortable. That is a given. If we listen to its pleas and give it the negative kind of comfort: too much food or too much alcohol, excessive TV watching, oversleeping leading to lethargy, not moving as in not exercising, over-medicating with drugs, then we stop our personal development. 

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