Humanized Soul

The pulsing core of Earth provides the center of gravity for all of life to exist on its surface. This center of gravity is the primary force of cohesion that makes human life possible. It is this gravity that anchors the grids that make physical health and psychological well-being achievable. The energy of gravity is what we connect to when we are truly being present in the moment, and there is no awakening unless we are present!

When we float above this primary density level, our nervous systems and our energy fields experience such anxiety and disorientation that then can become anger and blame because we are so uncomfortable. Alternatively, if we smash into these gravity-held grids, we end up with lethargy depression. For millennia we have practiced these two basic response patterns: running away, and or smashing into gravity and they both majorly suck as strategies for living. Now is the time for embracing a different approach: we have to get a grip and equilibrate with the Earth’s core. The amount of Soul that we are able to take into the body is directly proportional to our amount of grounded-ness. 

Since 2012, due to many planetary adjustments, Linear time and Spherical time are now combining into a new cooperative reality on Earth, and we may lose psychological stability if we do not use the gravity grids of the Planet appropriately. When we grasp, suck, cringe, or push away our traumas and discomforts, we warp the gravity grids and cause them to destabilize. This results in messy geological Earth changes, crashing financial economies and psychological personal warfare. Our part in changing this is to learn how to balance “focusing” with “letting go.” This is the process of balancing Self-importance with Self-non-importance and “everything matters” with “nothing matters”. Everything matters because everything has a purpose, and nothing matters because we are all components of Spirit. Really getting this anchors us safely in gravity and keeps us Soul-sane.

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