Animals Guide

ImageCredit: Nick Perrotta
We have three categories or main types of atomic forms on this planet:
  • Animal
  • Plant
  • Mineral 
Animal is a particular type of energy and biological form, a unique consciousness, comparable to human. Due to their instinctual nature animals are fused with the elemental realm of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and are anchored from the 3rd dimension into the 2nd dimension. This gives animals an inherent stability because they sense and know that they are a valuable and crucial part of the flow of life. They know that they belong here. That same instinctual nature allows them to bypass layers of personality, focusing their identity on primal patterns of very stable energy, encompassing huge cycles of time. The paradox of an animal form is in its capacity to stretch between opposites, between the elemental natures of fire, air, water and earth on one end of the spectrum (giving them passion, freedom, nurturance and stability), and the unconditionality of love on the other end (providing them with universal connectedness).

The physical animals of Earth can support the electro-magnetic circuitry of our energy fields and of our bodies, as they go about their own learning of what it means to be an animal on earth. The non-physical energy animals that exist on the astral and other levels can be worked with as totems, guardians and guides. The archetypes of animals, used in astrology and in many cultures in ceremonies and as deities, are essentially conceptual systems, capable of balancing, supporting, healing, encouraging, jumpstarting and invigorating. Since animals do not question themselves, (they do not wonder who they are), they are innately more pure, and like a crystal are more consistent in how they transmit their consciousness. We humans derive great benefit, and sanity, from living alongside these amazing creatures, both the physical and the energetic ones. When you need some help in facing the difficulties inherent in living here in the realm of duality, be wise and call on an animal for support. 


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