ENERGY PULSE existed 2000-2012, formed to support the evolving human consciousness, and closed after the 2012 planetary re-set. 

ENERGY PULSE consisted of Isabelle & Eugenia. We taught about the Metaphysical Power of Soul-Self, the Purpose of life on Earth, and the passion of the Spiritual Human.

ENERGY PULSE had taught over 100 workshops and seminars during its existence. Below is a list of the condensed wisdom from these classes - READ the Articles :)

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We bring metaphysical teachings to life through grounding them in explainable concepts and by unwrapping the knowledge of ancient mystery schools into reasonable steps that can be taken today. These steps require personal effort, willingness and curiosity, the emotional bravery to face issues, self-responsibility and self-love, and are the themes that form the foundation of how we teach. Spiritual awakening, personal power and deep fulfillment all come from within. Each moment of becoming conscious moves us further into the Soul-Self power that we are born to own. Energy Pulse is a company devoted to the evolution of the Soul coming alive inside of the human body. 

List of Energy Pulse Articles


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