Egypt Tour - Itinerary

Awakening The Ancient Wisdom Within

We are so excited and pleased to offer, in October 2008, a journey through Egypt. Historically, in its most developed stage, Egypt has represented power, accomplishment, balance, harmony and abundance. As we travel through the landscapes and cultures of this amazing land, we will discover its mystery and meaning, and so let this ancient civilization impact and enrich us now.
Being physically present in Egypt can lead to an accelerated opening of the power centers within the body, which translates into more Self awareness. Through the direct experience of Egyptian temple sacred geometry, subtle energy workshops, ceremonies, and just hanging out, we can meld the past with the present, and remember how to have peace on earth, internally, one person at a time. This will be an event of Self discovery, information, insight, celebration and connection.
Check out the following detailed information and the complete itinerary for the trip.


10/11/08 - We unite our group for travel to Cairo, in the NY JFK Airport, and depart at 6:30pm, sleeping peacefully on the plane.

10/12, DAY 1- Arrive in Cairo at 11:25am, checking into the amazing Le Meridian Pyramids Hotel, which has all of the accommodations of a 5 star hotel, including a pool and gym. We unite for a group orientation, adjusting ourselves to the energy grids of Egypt, and relax.

10/13, DAY 2- We get up very early and travel to the Pyramids for a private Sunrise ceremony. We align with the Halls of Amenti, tune into the bridge between the land of Egypt and the Sirian star system, and connect to the energy shafts underneath the pyramids, and the sacred geometry of the Giza plateau. We proceed to the Sphinx for another private energy ceremony, aligning ourselves with the Hall of Records, the underground temple and other multi-dimensional components of the Sphinx, the Guardian of Knowledge. The rest of the day we integrate the powerful energies we received earlier and process any arising memories, issues and information. (B)

10/14, DAY 3- A visit into ancient history at the Cairo Museum, paying careful attention to the energies in connection with the Akhenaton period, and viewing the Tut-Ank-Amon treasures. After lunch, we visit Sakkara, the Step Pyramid of King Djoser, and align with the multitudes of tunnels underneath it, which all funnel into one, long central shaft of potent energy, inside this huge temple complex from the Old Kingdom. We will explore the neighboring ancient tombs, viewing hieroglyphic reliefs and drawings, that depict human life and death. (B, L)

10/15, DAY 4- Early morning flight to Aswan, where we settle into the luxurious cruise ship, the Sonesta Moon Goddess, with 5-star accommodations, including pool and gym. After lunch, we travel on felucca sail boats, just like the ancient Egyptians did. We visit the Temple of Khnum on Elephantine Island. The ram-headed archetype, Khnum, which holds the universal secrets of uniting the Mer-Ka-Ba (body to energy to soul), represents the ordering principles of the DNA, in all life forms. Resonating with Khnum’s presence will help us to internally organize our systems, preparing us for the next steps on the journey.
Later, we will have a chance to visit a Nubian Market, followed by dinner on board the cruise ship. (B, L, D)

10/16, DAY 5- We will hold a private Isis Sunrise energy ceremony at her island temple at Philae. Isis holds the power of divine feminine support, nourishment and sexual magic.
Then we visit the new and excellent Nubian Museum. After lunch on board, we sail to Kom Ombo, and visit the Sobek Temple, where we will learn to connect to our own, inner destructive Dark energy, in order to transmute it. The crocodile-Sobek is an intuitive, ‘survival power’ archetype, who holds the wisdom to help us defeat our limiting fears. He shares the temple with Horus, who signifies the reconciliation of opposites. Later we sail to Edfu, where we hold a private ceremony in the Horus Temple, which is inscribed with the scenes of battles between Horus and Seth. We will connect to the energy of the Light, and balance the Dark and Light, with the energy of Love. (B, L, D)

10/17, DAY 6- We sail on the Nile, integrating the encodements from Isis, Sobek and Horus, processing energies and relaxing. Arrive at Luxor at night. (B, L, D)

10/18, DAY 7- Arrive at Thebes and visit the necropolis on the West Bank of the Nile, and explore the amazing ‘Book of the Dead’ drawings in the tombs of pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings. We tune into the multi-dimensional portals in the mortuary temple of Medinet Habu (doors of different sizes for different energy beings), and connect to Queen Hatshepsut in her temple of Deir El-Bahari. We also stop by the immense Colossi of Memnon. (B, L, D)

10/19, DAY 8- In the very early morning, we travel by bus through the beautiful countryside, enroute to Dendarah, to visit the Hathor Temple, and there connect to the multi-dimensional Hathor beings, and learn how they help the Earth. The Hathorian power of sound awakens sensual juiciness and the desire for life, which is the vibratory dance of wholeness. We will also meditate in the Chapel of Nut (on the calendar and transformation.)

Then we travel on to Abydos, to the ancient Osirion Temple, where we study the carved reliefs, which reveal ancient rituals and also, view the ‘Flower of Life’ symbols on the temple walls. (B, L, D)
10/20, DAY 9- We sail to Luxor, unifying our group on board. In the afternoon we visit the extensive Luxor Temple Complex. (B, L, D)

10/21, DAY 10- In the very early morning, we visit the Karnak Temple for a sunrise ceremony of knowing and healing in the Chapel of Sekhmet. Sekhmet represents the destructive energy necessary to break old patterns in order to incorporate wisdom and healing. She is the wise power, which is so needed today in the world, without apology (you can’t take the lioness out of Sekhment, she is not domesticated!) We each stand, ceremonially alone, in front of Sekhmet’s statue, and feel her power igniting our own.
We will walk on the Avenue of the ram-headed Sphinxes, (created in the Age of the Ram) that previously connected the Karnak and Luxor Temples, for 2 miles. We will leave the cruise ship, and settle into the Sonesta St. George Hotel in Luxor. (B, L, D)

10/22, DAY 11- We unite in the hotel for a, 'Maat Balance’ 2-hour workshop. Maat is a guardian of truth, who represents, “self-acceptance on the way to personal wholeness.” She is a Mistress of the Hall of Mirrors, as she transcends right and wrong, into Truth. In this workshop, we will balance the integration of all of the energies that we are processing. Then we are free to explore, on our own, more of the Luxor sites, temples, museums, markets, or to meditate and anchor energies. We might visit an amazing Light Illumination Show, at night, at the Karnak Temple. (B)

10/23, DAY 12- We gather in our hotel for the, ‘Alive Anubis’ 2-hour workshop. Anubis is an enlightened guardian of the underworld (unconsciousness) and he knows all of the pathways leading from Dark into the Light. We follow him into our own personal darkness, illuminating the path with his help, emerging with new awareness, into the Light. Then we are free to explore Luxor. (B)

10/24, DAY 13- A very early morning flight to Cairo, then check into the Mena House Hotel at Giza. Then we visit the Khan El Khalili Bazaar and have lunch at the ‘Naguib Mahfous’ restaurant. (B, L)

10/25, DAY 14- A sunrise visit to the Great Pyramid, where we go through a private 2 hour ceremony of transformation and alignment, culminating in an exclusive visit to the King’s Chamber. After that, we are free to meditate in the surroundings, or at the hotel or catch up on some last minute shopping. In the evening, we have a farewell dinner at the hotel, as a celebration of us all! (B, D)


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