Body as a Power Relay - Inspiration

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The human body is designed, built and maintained from two basic energies, structural and fluid. Consciousness travels through the structured and fluidic energy levels of the body in order to learn about its essential nature in form. By knowing the body, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, we know the instrument that Consciousness uses to know itself. First there is curiosity, which is fluid, then intention, which is both fluid and structural as a balanced system. A concept is a structure of Light. This light moves further into density and gains momentum by attracting various fluid energies (feelings and emotions) eventually becoming matter. The Soul’s consciousness is a focal point of intention that enters form and moves between thought-light-matter. When we align our specific personality consciousness with the path of the Soul’s intention, our lives are filled with the Light of Curiosity for this amazing world.

As an energy program of this Universe, installed into planetary systems, the concept of Trinity has been used by many Earth cultures in their quest for balance. When the people of Earth were more awake, the true meaning of the Trinity was understood, but in the fall of consciousness, Trinity became a mere symbol, often portrayed through three ‘gods’ or other icons. As Earth is awakening, we can now look at the true meaning of Trinity and reconnect to the original planetary program, enhancing our stability, awareness and creativity. It is beneficial to learn to see our experiences as “positive” AND “negative”, vs. “positive” OR “negative”. The splitting of our experiences onto positive or negative perceptions leads to a loss of life force, while joining these perceptions into a balanced mastery of positive and negative in each experience, results in the accumulation or increase of life force energy within us. Through the power of self-identity in form, Light and Dark balance into Unity. This is the original Trinity.

Inspiration is an awakening of the creative energy within us. It can only happen if we are anchored in the physical body and at the same time connected to higher frequencies. The Muse never moves permanently in with us, instead, inspiration comes as a wave, rhythmically raising and lowering us. It is our responsibility to stay afloat when the wave is on its low curve. The physical body is designed to generate enough life force internally for all of the inspiration that we will ever need! The energetic oscillation between the physical nervous system and the blood is the main factor for creating life force inside of the body. Learn to use this internal design to your advantage. In modern cultures we are conditioned to use external life events as the force builder, making humanity into a voracious consumer. Wake up the original mechanisms of generating life force internally, by knowing that all power resides within, thus sparking a process of inspired creative energy in moments of fatigue, struggle, or problem-solving. 

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