Living Undefended (How Defensiveness Forms)

We are each born as a combination of a True Self and a False Self.

The False Self makes us afraid to live our lives to the max. When we start to wake up spiritually and energetically, we become more sensitive than ever before! It seems as though the outer world is assaulting us with its unconsciousness and other negative energies. It is our job to learn how to receive, sort out and categorize these vibrations, living with them (as roommates), so that eventually we can transmute them back into their original wholeness.

The planetary grid patterns are now more able to hold the energy of safety, and it is up to each one of us to choose safety and release the need to defend against Life. When we defend against the negative energies of Life, we amplify their power, thus feeding the already huge accumulation of negativity on Earth.

Not defending means that we stand for what we believe in, but we do it from the higher perspective of not having to fight. From this higher perspective, there are no sides to take. We all are one being with one consciousness. If you happen to be the more conscious person in one situation, you might be the less conscious one in another. Our job is to be present and learn, not judge.

The first civilization on the planet to live undefendedly, was the Kihshians. We will describe these amazing beings and their ways of living, so that they can become for us, energetic reminders, beacons of a new way.

Self Mastery is the ability to receive the difficult energies of Life in welcomeness. If we learn to love ourselves by staying open, we can extend this field of love towards the incoming distorted energy. Doing this transmutes it. It is our job as conscious beings to be the instruments that clean up the negative power! And Life will reward us, generously, for this service.

We will look at the organs of the physical body that tend to support defensiveness, and the organs that promote a sense of safety. Then we will see how the psychological functions of mind and emotion keep the defensive patterns alive. Our True and False Selves are wired into our biology! We will also work with the dynamics of our personal energies that link us to the specific Earth grids that are carrying the power of safety. Learning how to ride on these grids, and letting go of our defensive lifestyles, will help us in regaining the open freedom of living beyond fear.

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