Evolutionary Zones & Gravity Spheres

Everything in the universe is evolving towards wholeness. Each human has a direction and speed, encoded as a learning curve, which includes the discovery and application of universal laws. This leads to a graceful evolution. If we do not follow these laws, evolution still happens, but with much more friction. We experience that friction as mishaps, failures, dead ends and pain. 

By tracking and monitoring our progress through the zones (Identity, Inquiry, Integrity) we dissolve the negative thought-forms that hypnotize and delude our true awareness. Thought-forms are energy “blobs” that exist on the Astral Level. They are human-created and consist of a combination of mental and astral/feeling energy:
thought + feeling = thought-form

Because thought-forms are imprinted by the mental level, they become what they believe themselves to be. Due to this feeling imprint they have a desire to fulfill themselves. Most of the thought-forms on the planetary Astral Level are destructive and contribute to pollution because they are unconsciously created. Learning to use clear thought aligned with conscious intent creates constructive thought-forms with beneficial desires. This makes it easier to manifest your choices, while reducing planetary astral pollution.

The identity of the Self is the baseline from which continued growth occurs. It is often easier to gain awareness of hidden pieces of the Self by seeing them in others. We get triggered positively (“I just love this person!” or “I am so impressed with them!”) or negatively (“I just do not understand how someone can do this!” or “they ought to do this differently”) by people and circumstances around us. What we admire in others often reflects untapped potential within ourselves. And what we fear, hate, despise and judge in others is a sign of a similar energy blocked and trapped within us. 

Inquiry into the Self (its internal reality and external perceptions,) is the introspective lens of evolution. Fear stops Self inquiry, freezing up the energy pathways. When energy cannot circulate, it stagnates. We might feel safe for a while, but it is a false security based on lack of movement. Internal investigation creates an expansion of identity and this allows us to see and know our true nature.

Integrity is a wrapping together of the qualities of honor, love, and truth. Without it we are disjointed, lost/confused or delusional. Lack of integrity is one of the main causes of psychic pollution. When we cannot tolerate our own negativity, we project it outwards, blaming the world and making us a victim. We “velcro” onto other people or project out our disowned feelings. In this “velcroing” scenario, we hook onto another person on the Astral Level as a form of psychic splitting, giving authority over us to the astral hook. This is suppression of personal power. When we project disowned energy, it sends a judgmental thought-form into another person’s energy field. If the recipient accepts the thought-form, the circulation in their energy field slows down and wakes up a defense reaction: anger/push out or collapse/fall in. The sender of the thought-form robs himself of an opportunity to integrate his negativity, while the recipient is stuck dealing with the projection. Personal integrity interrupts this behavior and frees up the energy for transformative inner work. 

In the absence of integrity the ego futilely attempts to figure out the rules for winning. If it can only know them and follow them it assumes it can get love, support and acceptance, and finally feel safe. This ego need to know the rules makes us desire black-and-white absolutes. But Soul agenda is much broader than safety, it is unconditionality. Soul is interested in the details, the nuances of the universe in all of its expansiveness and density. When we live with integrity, we do not need to uplift ourselves by idealizing positive qualities and avoiding responsibility for negative ones. By developing integrity we can co-exist with our darker side without lowering our value. We can encompass perceived positives and negatives without affecting our worthiness

Gravity is a concept, a dimension and a force capable of supporting the entire universe and of crushing it. Our relationship to gravity determines the speed of our evolution. Too much attraction and we get crushed by the pain of density; too much repulsion and we float away into illusion. The longing to “be done here” or “to go home” is a rejection of gravity. When we attempt to avoid it, we create difficulties. Our fear of entrapment in gravity is a misconception based on experiences of pain associated with the avoidance of gravity, not the gravity itself. A healthy relationship with gravity brings true simplicity into life. It creates steadiness and focus and allows the growth of harmony and beauty. Gravity is the final point of completion of Self ownership.

The energy of gravity creates spheres of potent charge. These gravity spheres negatively trap gravity causing imbalance. The energy charge is very strong, but cannot anchor properly, so it circulates like a caged animal, which is experienced as discomfort or pain. A cumbersome relationship based on guilt is an example of a gravity sphere. The dead weight of a responsible job might be a personal gravity sphere. Living in the pain of arrogance and superiority definitely is one. 

One of the most common human gravity spheres is debt. Lately, the imbalanced human desire to move with ever increasing speed on the evolutionary curve, created a gap in the available charge. This gap became filled by borrowing the charge (energetic or physical) from other more stable sources. We are a culture living in debt, a country in debt, a world in debt. The absence of patience, irresponsibility, and the ego’s desire to avoid gravity, are all contributing factors. Releasing personal debt on all levels pops the gravity sphere, freeing us to live in the Soul’s rhythm.

Gravity is related to the quantum level of our being. The quantum level acts as an underbelly of the matrix of all humans. At this level there is simultaneously form and no form, there is time and no time. Everything moves in all directions and at the same time everything remains still. There are various ways that gravity affects the energy bodies and the physical body. Humans tend to fear aging of the physical body and this is often blamed on gravity. This fear is a societal-astral pattern, not a reality. A healthy relationship with gravity and its proper application allows for flowing simplicity and the realized desire of internal freedom.

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