Designing a Life of Wholeness (Fire for Individuality & the Preciousness of Self)

Individuality is like the tip of a mountain peak. It is a singular point of reference for identity to grow upon. The uniqueness of that point is paramount. When we minimize ourselves and believe our inner and external judgments, we dwarf our power to be a Self.

A Self is a primal unit of existence that can withstand annihilation. It is actually a physics principal, similar to an atomic structure, with a center point and orbital rings or zones surrounding the center. If we do not form the center point of a Self, then Life cannot circle (nourish) and support our existence. Life doesn’t even notice us because we don’t register as a unique expression. Then what happens is that negative karmic patterns take over and make a “suffering self” for us to live through, and that sucks!

In this workshop we will talk about the ancient history of Egypt, and the Magi and Priestess’s of that history, who were able to hold the power of being a Self, as other human populations began to sink into chaos. The telling of this story supports us all in remembering how to grow a Self today.

Without the Self, we cannot construct a life of Wholeness. Before each physical incarnation so much effort goes into designing a Self. This Self is made of many parts and all of these parts are “part” of the total identity. All of the desires, drives, characteristics and impulses that are encoded into us, are there to guide us. All of this makes us unique. Identity is a requirement. This pre-incarnational set up of desires and curiosities (and fears, too) when ready for birth, pushes through the Self point into physical incarnation. 

Each human being has the RIGHT to exist. We have to decide if we WANT to exist, and the power of this wanting comes from the passion of Fire. If this is accepted then the intense desire to be alive and the commitment to that existence becomes anchored in time/space, and we claim our unique expression. The refusal to anchor a Self, is hiding from life, it is a minimizing of the Self. We are wired to be open, clear, well-boundaried and personally unique. By claiming space (the right to exist,) we can more fully want to exist and Self preciousness grows. This puts us at the top of our personal mountain.

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