Chile & Easter Island - Itinerary

Unity and the Return of Belonging

Ancient energy codes are awakening in the land of Chile, and the portal area of Easter Island that welcomes the Being known as Pi, the new host of planet Earth after the year 2012!

In November 2011, we will travel through the stunningly beautiful landscape of Chile, and the mysterious, statue-studded land of Easter Island, to assist Pi in activating these ancient Lemurian codes, with an infusion of her brilliant purple-magenta energy passing into the planetary grids. This will engage the species-consciousness memory pattern for Unity and Belonging. 
Lemurian culture existed on many islands of the archipelago of the South Pacific, until it sunk in a cataclysm over 70 thousand years ago. The triangle between Easter Island, Hawaii and the Oceania region (Tahiti, Fiji, Marshall Islands, etc.) marks the size of the Lemurian archipelago of thousands of years ago, and these islands are all that is left of it today. The Lemurian culture was mostly magnetic/female, as it had inner technology, but not much outer technology. Lemurians respected all life forms, and knew that their well-being was dependent upon the well-being of all. They were able to live in peace and harmony because they knew who they were, they belonged to themselves and to the group, and they took great pleasure in being alive.
After the cataclysm the survivors of Lemuria migrated to the coastal region along the western shore of South America, which is one of the most important magnetic energy "rivers" on Earth. It circulates energy between the South and North Poles (South Pole-Antarctica-Chile-Lake Titicaca (Peru)-Hudson Bay-Greenland-North pole).
The new settlers called this coastal region, Mu - in honor of their Mother Lemuria. Upon arrival in Mu, the Lemurian elders imprinted the energy codes of their civilization onto that magnetic pathway. The magnetic "river" then carried the codes North and South, and they came to rest in two places, Lake Titicaca to the North, and the Patagonia region in the land of Chile, to the South. The codes in Lake Titicaca later on became a portal for Gaia, the departing host of planet Earth, while the codes in Chile laid dormant for thousands of years - until now.
The energy codes now coming into activation are about Unity and Belonging: first to Soul, then to Self, then to Other.
When we have enough time to grow, at a safe pace and with lots of support, we do not get lost. Since it is the nature of consciousness to fall asleep and then wake up, again and again, we have all experienced, through many lifetimes, the lost-ness that accompanies these falling asleep cycles.  We all tend to fill our “inner vacancies,” which are the result of the loss of Self, with false images about who we are and what we need. We stay painfully engaged in this negative feedback loop until we realize that we are following a mirage that goes in circles in front of us.
As we travel through Chile, our goal will be to enter our physical/matter-bodies with intent and focus, so that we can safely activate support for letting those "inner vacancies" go, by grounding into the lower (slower), stabilizing dimensions. This will allow us to assist Pi in her Easter Island portal activation, and also to gain a more stable access to the higher dimensional realities that can then guide us in our everyday lives. The higher dimensions are more complex, and can contain more because of their expanded positions in consciousness. The lower dimensions are more simplified, and they hold and ground all of the universe, so that sanity prevails.
We can’t go up, in consciousness, unless we know how to go, safely, down!
And down we will go, into the Southern Hemisphere as we travel South. In the Medicine Wheel Tradition (which was initiated by the Mu elders), the direction of “South” represents: trust, innocence, love, the Earth Element and the material world. Its color is red, and its energy is softly strong and gloriously slow. We would add that the reason that these ancient codes have stayed dormant and pure in the land of Chile for all of this time, is because Chile also has a very high "cold" and bracing frequency to balance out the beautiful, slow red fire (think of this as snow on the mountains while you are sitting in a nice warm place sipping something deliciously hot).
If you are interested in Unity and Belonging, deepening into your brilliant heart space and feeling the incredible power and support of the Earth, plus colorful Latin and Polynesian music and food, historical architecture, sublime wines, breathtaking physical landscapes and the great camaraderie of like-spirited people, then this is truly the trip for you. We are going to have fun!


11.05.11: We each initiate our own departures from our individual home towns, and fly to Santiago, Chile.

11.06, DAY 1- Upon arrival in Santiago, you can take a taxi to the Hotel Galerias, our home base for 3 nights. Santiago is the political, financial and cultural center of Chile. It's graced with tree-lined streets, lush parks, uniquely distinctive neighborhoods, and a welcoming, gracious and embracing culture.

This afternoon we explore Santiago through a panoramic drive. We will enjoy the main streets of Santiago's civic center, pass by the neoclassical Moneda Palace, built in the 18th century and the current seat of Government, the Plaza de Armas, or main square, with its dominating cathedral, and the classic Central Post Office. We journey on to the Parque Forestal, an area reminiscent of the Champs-Elysees, and Santa Lucia Hill, where the city of Santiago was founded in 1541. Then we visit the bohemian area of Bellavista, and climb the San Cristobal hill for a panoramic view of Santiago, with the Andes Mountains in the background. We conclude the day with a visit to the handicraft village of Los Graneros del Alba. Throughout the entire day we will be working with the concept of complimentarity as opposed to competition.

Overnight: Santiago - Hotel Galerias ( Meals: on your own.

11.07, DAY 2- Chile is known to the world for its high quality wines. Wine is an alchemical substance that, when used consciously and respectfully, magnetically opens us to the common bond that we are all “one.” As part of our personal responsibility to find Unity in all things, we will be visiting the Concha y Toro Vineyard, the oldest one in Chile and one of the most beautiful, and partaking in and studying its magnificent wines and their effect on our consciousness. We will learn about the lifestyle of the vineyard and get information about its history and legends.

We then head to the Andes Mountains, stopping for an excellent Chilean-German lunch at a restaurant which is nestled in the mountains of "El Cajon del Río Volcán.” This place has a beautiful view of the Volcano San Jose and its stunning glaciers. After lunch, we continue to drive along the picturesque gorge that takes us to the thermal hot springs of Baños Colina. There will be time to relax in the thermal baths, and with some luck, and intent, we may have an opportunity to see majestic condors soaring around the mountains above us. Every day we keep releasing our defenses and honoring our Unity, melting into the environment so as to be nourished, and then energized, by the clear and pristine quality of this land and its “magnetic” river of energy.

Overnight: Santiago - Hotel Galerias ( Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

11.08, DAY 3- Today’s excursion departs from our hotel after breakfast, crossing the Coastal Mountain Range and continuing through the Curacavi Valley, with its many small towns and villages. We will get a view into the daily rhythms of many of the Chilean people, and see how they use their hearts, their historical pride and their love of family to help them hold meaning and purpose in their lives.
We continue on through the Casablanca Valley, viewing the Peñuelas Lagoon as we get closer to the charming and picturesque seaport town of Valparaiso, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Here we explore and enjoy the special architecture, many hills and funiculars of this really colorful town. We tour along the narrow avenues, visiting Plaza Mayor and Prat Pier, Victoria Square, the Congress Building and Civic Center.

Then we will proceed to the Garden City of Viña del Mar, visiting Quinta Vergara, the site of the International Summer Song Festival, then Vergara’s Palace, the Botanic Garden, continuing on to visit Reñaca and Con-con, both seaside resorts, and stopping at a seaside restaurant for lunch. Learning about how other cultures function, perceive, prioritize, and knowing what they hold scared, enriches us and challenges us to review who we think we are, and then make the necessary changes that result in our evolution towards wholeness.

Overnight: Santiago - Hotel Galerias ( ) Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

11.09, DAY 4- After breakfast, we check out of our hotel for the flight to the Puerto Montt area, in the Lake District (departs at 8:30AM, arrives at 10:10AM). After checking into our hotel in Puerto Varas, we depart to visit the city. We then ascend Phillipi Hill with its many intriguing native trees and fascinating specimens of rare plants, for a look over the city and the bay.

Returning to town, we tour its principal streets and avenues, which boast of gorgeous, painstakingly maintained lawns and gardens. We get yet another bird's-eye view of the area from Calvario Hill, then head out of town, travelling along the edge of the big, beautiful Llanquihue Lake, all the while being able to see the equally big and beautiful Osorno Volcano. Lakes represent the magnetic/feminine and volcanos represent the electric/masculine, so we will experience the creative tension between these two expressions of Nature, and learn more about when to dissolve and surrender (magnetic) and when to define and rise to the occasion (electric.) Knowledge of this builds power.

Then we travel to Puerto Montt, the capital of the region and its largest city. Here we will have a complete narrated tour of the city. Highlights include a visit to the picturesque Angelmo Cove, which has served as an inspiration for artists and intellectuals over the years and now houses an esteemed market featuring, fish, seafood and local arts and crafts. From here we will get a closer look at the bay and its old shipyards at two summer resorts: Pelluco and Chinquihue. All the while, each of us will be getting more awareness and knowledge of the “magnetic river” that circulates energy: South-North, and how this affects our mission of Soul embodiment. There are always two stories in life, running simultaneously, that of the ego and that of Spirit. The ego wants what it wants and Spirit is trying to teach us to wake up !!

Overnight: Puerto Varas - Hotel Patagonico ( Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
11.10, DAY 5- Today we visit three towns, all of which are on Lake Llanquihue: the towns of Llanquihue, Frutillar and Puerto Octay. Llanquihue is situated where the Maullin River meets Llanquihue Lake. Frutillar is famous for its beautiful old German-style architecture and spectacular gardens full of begonia flowers. We will have lunch in front of Llanquihue Lake, enjoying the stupendous views the Osorno and Puntiagudo volcanoes. By evening we will continue driving along Llanquihue Lake until we arrive at Puerto Octay, founded in 1854, and known for its vibrantly colorful buildings. All of these sites today are like pearls, strung together to make a necklace; each one adding beautifully to make the whole. Just like each one of us, precious and unique, and blending well in unison. At least that is the goal !!

Overnight: Puerto Varas - Hotel Patagonico ( Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

11.11, DAY 6- Today following the shore of Llanquihue Lake, we proceed to a series of picturesque points: Pescado River, Puerto Arturo, and Los Riscos, en route to the village of Ensenada.

From here, we turn inland to the famous Petrohue Falls, a gorgeous succession of emerald green waterfalls. Taking a gentle walk along the falls allows us a closer look at the enormous quantity of water flowing from Todos Los Santos Lake over giant volcanic boulders. Continuing on to this jewel of a lake, we settle down for a picnic lunch in view of the Andes Mountains and the Osorno Volcano. 

Afterwards, heading towards the volcano, we enter Vicente Perez Rosales National Park and hike through the ancient coigue forests to the Green Lagoon and on up the slope of the volcano. At about 3,000 feet, we take a break to observe both the Burbuja Crater and a view of the Petrohué Valley, the Andes Mountains, and Calbuco, the neighboring volcano. We walk another 1,500 feet for a closer look at one of the volcano's many glaciers. There is an extraordinary amount of White Light passing through the glaciers and we will suck it up and absorb it into our energy fields. It is a natural high. Then in the afternoon, we return to Puerto Varas, where we rest and marinate the day’s adventures until dinner.

Overnight: Puerto Varas - Hotel Patagonico ( Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

11.12, DAY 7- We board the ferry at Pargua, bound for Chiloe, known as Chile’s Northern Patagonia. During the cruise, we will get to see a variety of sea birds and playful dolphins. Small and friendly, they swim right alongside the ferry. Dolphins are the keepers/holders of the energy of joy for this planet. We will learn from them about the pulsing, amplifying and soaring frequencies of joy.

Once on the island of Chiloe, we travel on country roads to Caulin Bay. Be on the lookout for a great diversity of migrant fowl, such as black-necked swans, flamingos, dabbling ducks and other coastal birds. After lunch we will have some time to walk around the streets of the downtown area and visit the traditional Mercado Municipal, where one will be amazed at the huge variety of local produce, fish, seafood, and Chiloe area arts and crafts. The native culture of local, hands-on food production and harvesting, allows the Chilean people to stay connected to each other and to their land, and this lessens the sense of isolation and separation, and engenders community. Then we travel back to Puerto Varas in the afternoon.

Overnight: Puerto Varas - Hotel Patagonico ( Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

11.13, DAY 8- Our excursion today begins on the road that once connected Lake Llanquihue to the Pacific Ocean. The houses and farms along the way are simple, but architecturally sturdy. Imagine how the settlers went about transforming the wild forests into fields and homes that reflected their ingenuity and perseverance. At the town of Alerce, the road turns toward the Calbuco volcano. We will take a stroll through the forest to admire and experience the stands of ancient larch trees, and then continue riding on, eventually to the La Poza Lagoon. Here we board a motorboat for a short cruise on the lagoon. Docking, we take a walk on Loreley Island, a great spot for observing huge populations of birds, (whose energetic archetype is the "freedom of flight"), as well as the Osorno volcano. 

Overnight: Puerto Varas - Hotel Patagonico ( Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

11.14, DAY 9- In the morning we fly back to Santiago (departing at 8:15AM, arriving at 10AM). After our short flight, we transfer to the Hotel Regal Pacific, where we are free to explore Santiago, or chill out and rest. 

Overnight: Santiago - Hotel Regal Pacific ( Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner with a Chilean/Polenesean Show.

11.15, DAY 10- In the morning we fly to Easter Island (departing at 8:20AM, arriving at 12:10 PM - duration of the flight is 5 hours 50 min.) 

Easter Island, the home of many enormous statues called moai, is a tiny dot of volcanic matter in the South Pacific Ocean. It is known as Rapanui by its inhabitants. This remote region of the planet has not been overly commercialized and as we begin to acclimate to the land, and the moai statues which act as boundary beacons (radiating energy outwards), we will go energetically back in time and access Lemurian memories of Unity (the Self as Sacred, the One in the Many.) 

Our hotel Taha Tai is located in the town of Hanga Roa, the only town on the island. It is situated in the lowlands between the extinct volcanoes of Terevaka and Rano Kau. The island's main avenue, Avenida Atamu Tekena, is the heart of the town. Many stores, hotels, restaurants, and the island's only supermarket and pharmacy, are located alongside this road. Hanga Roa also has a museum in the coastal area, nearby to where some well photographed moai statues stand, overlooking the endless ocean. 

Overnight: Easter Island - Hotel Taha Tai ( Meals: Breakfast, plus meal during the flight

11.16, DAY 11- Today we take a full-day tour around Easter Island, learning about its interesting and unique culture and history. We will visit such temples and sites as Vaihu, Akaganga, Tongariki, Te Pito Kura, Nau Nau and the slopes of Rano Raraku volcano. The quarry at Rano Raraku, one of the Island’s most valuable archeological areas, is where ancient inhabitants built and carved the massive moais. No wonder that this is the spot with the largest concentration of moai sculptures on the island! Our last stop of the day will be Anakena, which is the main beach of Easter Island. It is famous for its glistening white sand, gentle breezes and warm, transparent waters. In many of the spots that we visit today, we will do energy work and hold ceremonies to help anchor Pi’s energy and establish the next steps in our own evolution.

Overnight: Easter Island - Hotel Taha Tai ( Meals: Breakfast, Lunch (in a box)

11.17, DAY 12- Today's half-day tour will bring us to such temples and sites as Ahu Vinapu, Puna Pau and Ahu Akivi. The ceremonial center of Ahu Vinapu contains extraordinary stone masonry, consisting of large, carefully fitted slabs of basalt, reminiscent of the stones at Machu Picchu. This stone wall faces towards sunrise at winter solstice. Vinapu is part of the Rapa Nui National Park, a Unesco World Heritage Site. We will also visit the sites known as the Seven Moais and the caves of Te Pahu, as we continue the ceremonies and Pi anchoring support rituals of the day. 

With the resonance of ancient Lemuria helping us to harmonize, in present time, with our Light Bodies, and the presence of Pi, and the beacon-moai, and the pristine ocean waters, we will have all that we need to remember Union.

In the afternoon we are free to meditate, relax in the town of Hanga Roa, hanging out with our newly-infused Light Bodies. There will be beach-combing/walking opportunities, riding a rented bicycle, or just wandering around the town, which has many souvenir shops, or just resting and journaling. 

Overnight: Easter Island - Hotel Taha Tai ( Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

11.18, DAY 13- This is an energy stabilization day. We will gather the group for debriefing and a seminar. The rest of the day you are free to spend time at the beach, rent horses for a ride along the shore, or explore shopping at the town. 

Overnight: Easter Island - Hotel Taha Tai ( Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

11.19, DAY 14- Today we leave Easter Island and take a flight back to Santiago (departing at 1PM, arriving at 7:45PM - duration of the flight is 4 hours 45 minutes). After our arrival in Santiago in the evening, we transfer to the Hotel Regal Pacific.

Overnight: Santiago - Hotel Regal Pacific ( Meals: Breakfast, plus meal during the flight

11.20, DAY 15- A free day to sleep in and then enjoy Santiago on your own, transferring to the airport for an overnight flight back to the United States.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

11.21.11- Arrival in the United States, and the new beginning of our lives.

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