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Inner Authority and Deep Pleasure of Being Alive

The planet is changing, as it is preparing for the arrival of the being known as Pi (the new host of Earth after the year 2012). Each of us has a personal responsibility to support the transformation of humanity into a more awakened species. Energy Pulse is working with the Solar Council, a group of energy guides who oversee the development of humanity on this planet, to help in anchoring Pi’s energy. Last year the first large anchoring of Pi occurred in Egypt - some of you were there with us to initiate the change. The second large anchoring of Pi’s energy is scheduled to occur in late September/early October, in the lands of England and Ireland. We invite you to come with us and support your own development as you support the planet’s. The dual focus of this tour is: inner authority (England) and the deep pleasure of being alive (Ireland).

In this time of cultural, political and material instability, it is essential to stay on track with the energy changes. The energy that we have become habituated to, over thousands of years, is the typical competitive view of ‘survival of the fittest.’ It is the extreme electric polarity, or ‘the patriarchal view.’ This patriarchal energy has to ‘die.’ The extreme electric has to become balanced with magnetic energy in order for our species to enter an age of cooperation and abundance.

The capacity for patriarchal healing in the human psyche is anchored energetically in England, which is why the Solar Council is guiding us there. This is also why the next major anchoring of Pi’s energy (healthy magnetic) is occurring there. Our travel through the land of England will consist of ‘cleaning up’ our personal issues concerning the patriarchal energy of, ‘desire to control’ and also our fears of being controlled. We will do ceremonies to support the evolution of our own positive balanced identity in healing the projection of authority onto the external world.

Of course, in adhering to universal wisdom, the guides are not interested in supporting the dismantling of identity without helping us to build a more balanced one. They won't just let us hang alone on the edge of the cliff - instead, the Solar Council initiated a whole program of recombining the ‘Soul splits’ thus allowing for much more awakening inside of each individual, (more information on this is available from a recorded workshop, ‘The Power of England and the Magic of Ireland’). This process of Recombining, which is essential to our awakening into the age of cooperation and abundance, is occurring in Ireland. There are two major energy portals in Killarney and in Glendalough which we will visit and work with to support the process of Recombination power. Join us for the journey.



9/19: We unite our group for travel to London, in the airport.

9/20, DAY 1- Arrive into Heathrow London airport (probably at about 8am-noon), check into our 4 star hotel in downtown London. We invite the group for an orientation in the hotel. You are then free for the rest of the day - enjoy, explore, relax. There are spa facilities near-by and a 24-hour gym in the hotel.

9/21, DAY 2- This is our day to explore London through a panoramic drive. We will have a guided tour of the Tower of London, view the sites of Buckingham and St. Jame’s Palaces, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower Bridge, and a drive through the City Business Center among many other things. Throughout the entire day we will be working with the energies of the patriarchy in London. (B, D)

9/22, DAY 3- Travel about 2 hours out of London to Avebury, home of the celebrated landscape temple. Avebury's standing stones were placed there in 2650BC, and are the largest in the world encompassing 28 acres. This is one of the ancient earth portals. We are going to tune into the depth of earth energies, using the ‘downward focus force field’ of the portal. We'll visit Silbury Hill, known as the Hill of the Shining Beings, built in 2750BC - this is another portal, one that focuses upwards, into the finer earth energies. Next will be lunch in the town of Marlborough. Nearby, at the West Kennet Longbarrow, we'll enter the tomb and sanctuary built by an ancient family of priests in 3700BC. This tomb was initially a Goddess Temple, where priests and priestesses would form a procession before walking down a stone avenue to Avebury. Then we return to London for rest and relaxation. (B, D)

9/23, DAY 4- Travel about 2 hours out of London to view a magical White Horse, which is cut into the turf on the upper slopes of Uffington Castle. The Horse is 374 feet long and represents a Celtic god. It is a symbol of 'unified power'. We will work with the energies of Uffington Castle (a large earth hill) and support/get supported by the 'unified power' of the earth in that place. We will also visit Wayland Smithy Long Barrow for a personal tune up. Four huge upright stones have guarded the entrance to the burial chambers there for over 5500 years. It is a 'mouth' into the earth, an entry into 'earth power'. At night we return to London for more rest! (B, D)

9/24, DAY 5- We say goodbye to London and drive to Glastonbury. We will walk to the top of the Tor for a ceremony: we are there to connect spirit to earth and earth to spirit. This is an ancient site dedicated to the Goddess, where Druids had their meditations and ceremonies. We will gather water at the sacred Chalice Well and balance our own spirit with the Earth. After lunch, we will walk through Glastonbury Abbey. The energy of magical Avalon is strong there, because of the thinning of the veils to the fairy realm. It is also a ritual burial site for King Arthur and his Queen. We spend the night in the historic town of Glastonbury (B, D).

9/25: DAY 6- In the morning we explore the town of Glastonbury, then visit Salisbury Cathedral and more of the city of Salisbury itself. In the evening, we drive to Stonehenge. While witnessing the sunset, we prepare for the energy ceremony. There are two portal circles: Stonehenge and Woodhenge. These power spots are ancient portals, Earth vortexes, consciously worked with for thousands of years, especially at solstices. Each of them is also an astronomical observatory, built with the blueprints of Thoth, by the ancient peoples that lived there. We will explore the stone/wood and lay line configurations and join in a ceremony for the release of the patriarchal control energies on Earth, and also in a welcoming of the Goddess energy associated with Pi coming into the planet. At night we return to our hotel for rest and integration. (B, D)

9/26: DAY 7- We travel to the western shore of England and embark on a ferry ride, taking us across the sea that separates England and Ireland. 

Landing in Ireland at the Rosslare Ferry Port, we transfer to our tour bus and meet our smiling-eyed Irish driver and guide. As we journey through Ireland, we will be weaving the Goddess energy into the internal, personal places in ourselves that have opened up from our clearing work in England. We will tune into the culture and history of the land itself, resonating with historical events that have occurred there, and heal the mistrust and separation memories that we and the planet carry. Heading west, we will pass by/possibly visit the Dunbrody Famine Ship and the Cobh Heritage Center, the port of embarkation for over 2.5 million people who emigrated to America between 1848–1950, around the time of the Famine. These two places represent entrapment and freedom, two aspects of duality that when healed lead to the experience of more satisfying pleasure in daily living. Arriving in Cork, we will check into our lovely 4-star Clarion Hotel (B, D).

9/27: DAY 8- We check out of our hotel and head north around Cork City to explore the beauty of Blarney and its many Druidic sites, including megalithic tombs and stone circles. Then on to Blarney Castle. Here we get to kiss the Blarney Stone, which is said to bestow the gift of eloquence on those who kiss it. This is a portal of “hopefulness and the innocence of positive expectation.” There is a very pure energy here that will help us learn to trust and surrender to the more generous nature of the material world. We will have lunch in Blarney and visit the famed Blarney Woollen Mills store in the village. Then on into West Cork with stops in the stunning and ruggedly beautiful seaside towns of Bantry and Glengarriff before heading into County Kerry and our hotel in Killarney. Overnight in Killarney at the fabulous 4- star Loch Lein Country House Hotel. (B, D)

9/28: DAY 9- This morning we take Ireland’s most popular scenic drive, the Ring of Kerry. As we stop in Glenbeigh and access the beautiful 3.5 mile beach at Rossbeigh, where we will work with the energies of rock and water. This generates support for us to go more deeply into solidification with Earth power. This will give us the needed ballast/stability to practice entering the portals that we will be working with in Killarney. At the western tip of the peninsula we will cross to Valencia Island by bridge and visit the Skellig Experience, where we learn about the life of the early Christian monks who inhabited the rocky offshore islands. This will be about devotion. Then we stop at the Kenmare Stone Circle and holy well. Here we engage in a ritual that will connect us back to all of the ancestors who have experienced these stones, and learn how they used the stones to unify the hardship of life with the celebration of life. Then we visit the Torc Waterfall and Muckross House & Gardens on our way back to Killarney. In the late afternoon you can take a walk through the National park. Also, time permitting, we might be able to visit Ross Castle. Overnight in Killarney. (B, D) 

9/ 29: DAY 10- Today we take a tour around the spectacular Dingle Peninsula. The town of Dingle is a small fishing port where there are plenty of pubs, cafes and restaurants to have lunch in. To the west of the town the scenery is particularly rugged with views out to the formerly inhabited Blasket Islands. Upon our return to Killarney, and sufficient refreshment, we will gather together at the site of the strongest portal, and work with the ‘Recombining of Soul Splits’ program. The veils are super thin in this area, so we are in for a multidimensional ride! Overnight in Killarney. (B, D) 

9/ 30: DAY 11- Today we depart Killarney in the morning, traveling north via Tralee to Tarbert. From there we take a short ferry ride across the River Shannon into County Clare. Heading north we visit the spectacular Cliffs of Moher. We just soak up the natural beauty of the place and integrate from our portal work in Killarney. Continuing north into the unique landscape of The Burren, we see an area composed of limestone hills exhibiting many rare flowers as well as the Poulnabrone Dolmen. Then we hang out in the Aillwee Caves, Ireland’s largest cave complex before traveling on around Galway Bay to Galway City itself. We stay in Galway for the night in the 4- star Harbour Hotel (B, D). 

10/ 01: DAY 12- Departing Galway, we head east to Ireland’s vibrant capital city, Dublin. As we travel towards Dublin, we stop at the ancient monastic settlement at Clonmacnoise, and pay our respects to the groups of humans that held the light of spirit alive and bright for so long during the Dark Ages, and then we will have lunch! Arrive in Dublin in the afternoon and spend the remainder of the day exploring the city center, with a visit to Temple Bar, the lively nightlife district which is home to numerous restaurants and pubs, and lots of Irish music! Overnight in Dublin at the 4- star Cassidy’s Hotel. (B, D) 

10/ 02: DAY 13- Travel to the north of Dublin today to the Boyne Valley. This area has ancient temples older than the traditionally dated pyramids. These temples are aligned to the sun and reflect the power of the sun to all who enter there. The sun is the reminder of the Source of Life, which emanates through the physical sun into our bodies and all life forms on the planet. As we enter the temples we will be experiencing the ‘power of place’ as did the ancient people who built them. These temples are keepers of vibrations that represents a womb-like, or holding power that can nurture and heal, when entered with clear intent. We visit the megalithic tombs at Newgrange and the Hill of Tara, one of the largest Celtic monuments in Europe, before heading to Trim Castle and then returning to Dublin. Overnight in Dublin (B, D).

10/03: DAY 14- Today’s journey will bring us to the south of Dublin into County Wicklow, called ‘The Garden of Ireland’. We visit Glendalough, the 6th century monastic site founded by St. Kevin. This place is “enchanted” with the energies of joy and peace and soft power. We will stroll through this “Glen of two Lakes,” soaking up its inherent calmness. Here we will do another ceremony to work with the Recombining Power, as many portals that connect different dimensional realities are located at this site.

We return to Dublin in time to freshen up before transferring to the Abbey Tavern, in the north of the city, for our farewell dinner. Lots of laughing and revelry as only the Irish can do it!! (B, D)

10/ 04: DAY 15- Transfer to Dublin Airport, suitcases and psyches packed with memories, in time for check-in for our return flight home. (B)

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