The History of Karma

We have lived many lives, all of them recorded in the conscious matrix of this Universe. Entering into a new life and exiting a life are crucial points in the formation of our human identity. These two points imprint, in the coming and going, the amount of karmic learning taken on for the new life or the next one, thus encoding the life lessons. Our new identity carries these patterns of birth and death as the most ingrained and potent definitions of who we are. This makes them the hardest to clear. 

To find a point of realigning this karma, unlocking its influence on identity, we must look at the traumatic karmic patterns of birth and death (like dying in war, being stillborn, being abandoned at birth, drowning, being murdered, poisoned, starved etc.). How do we know what happened? If you examine your life now you will notice how many times you have “stepped on the same shovel.” We all have repetitive fears and issues, and if we study them, it is not hard to imagine what the story might have been which originally created that karmic fear. This is the main impetus of your Soul’s learning, asking you to decode the prevailing karmic pattern! This pattern can be disarmed through practicing intention to heal it, and detangling its influence from the 3rd chakra identity codes.

Every Soul enters a form with the intention of awakening the genius within it. This process begins with a conscious desire, but as a Soul descends into density, the smoke-screen of fear begins to cloud the clarity of that intention. Fear leads to powerlessness and the negative projection of our internal power onto external authority. We are left with only one conscious desire: to be safe. This is part of our refusal of the original intention of the Soul. Since intention for awakening genius is part of everyone’s Soul contract on Earth, no one can “be safe” while in the refusal pattern. While in the negative projection of our power, we live in victim consciousness and fear is the dominant force of that dynamic. Eventually the light of the Soul shines strongly enough through our personality to allow glimpses of remembrance of our original intention. Sometimes the smallest awakening is enough for a personality to take responsibility for the negative projection of power, reclaim it, and return it to Self. Fear has to be faced head on, so we can find what is hidden behind it, thus building identity power. Self-responsibility moves us further along, (we are Heroes in the making) into the position of “Power of Choice,” testing the alignment with our Soul’s intention. We are free to choose to honor the wisdom of the Soul, or to ignore it, put we fully hold the power and the responsibility for our choices. Our conscious use of free will eventually lead to an expanded range of awareness - the genius within us – the awakened Hero in alignment with the Soul.

The programming for the sequential pathways of moving through the steps of the Hero’s journey is part of the new planetary consciousness, teaching us how to grow up with balance, grace and ease. But, we also inherit difficult variations of this program through genetics, adopt erroneous parental belief systems and sometimes activate challenging patterns from other lifetimes (miasms). This can become very messy, especially considering that Gaia herself just recently moved out of the victim phase, before leaving Earth to the Being known as Pi (who has never experienced the “victim mode”). Genius is the calling card of the Soul. As each of us realigns our energy fields with the new planetary programs and the original Soul’s design we will all eventually adjust our journey to a more direct pathway into genius.

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