Plasma Body Alchemy

Matter exists in four distinct states. Three of these states have been well known throughout the ages, and the fourth state has often been overlooked:
  • solid 
  • liquid 
  • gaseous 
  • plasma 
This fourth state of matter, plasma, is the bridge to the finer, more subtle vibrations of the Universe. This bridge is actually an infinite array of plasmic entry points, precisely infused between dark and light, between antimatter and matter, and is how the Soul creates the form of biological structure. Specifically, the Soul creates the form of the human body, and then throughout each lifetime, it attempts to descend into its creation, and more fully “wake it up.” The success of this process is determined by the state of balance, at the edge of the dark matter/light matter interface, of the physical body, which in turn depends on how much the body is occupied by a willing participant who will allow the Soul to enter it. The ego and the individual body-identity must be open for Soul contact.

This interaction isn’t possible without proper translation, through pathways known as chakra and meridian systems, both of which function as support sequences for stepping down the high frequency of the Soul’s energy making it more digestible for the body. Mixing the intense and potently fast vibrations of the Soul with the denser atomic make-up of a body is the basis of all alchemy. Our resistance to being in a body, because it is so dense and often uncomfortable, acts like a negative force field and blocks this alchemical infusion process and keeps us in the experience of separation consciousness. By looking at the intricacies of this resistance and we can learn to clear them using ‘body-meanings’ techniques such as: 
  • body as friend, partner and ally;
  • body as beloved;
  • body as temple;
  • body as intelligence;
  • body as safety.
The well-being of the plasma body is influenced primarily by: light, food, exercise, emotions, sleep, beliefs, environment, community and the knowledge of individual destiny. These nine areas of human engagement are undergoing a refinement and upgrade process as we acquire more realization of their importance and impact on our evolution. Layering them into a harmonious and coherent pattern stabilizes us so that we can monitor our progress and address any needed shifts in perception or priorities. This will enable us to stay out of “life as the daily grind” and be in the Know of the Flow. The plasma body is in a constant state of pulsating a “new becoming.” It is not tied directly into the genetics, or karmic overlays, and because of this it is flexible enough, impressionable enough, to usher in a new beginning. 


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