Your Confident Authority

The strongest motive-idea that has propelled human development is the production of a spiritual-physical being composed of the following: 

        Source (energy substance) 
        Creator (passion organizer) 
        Self (point identity) 

First we learn to generate energy (substance). Second, by having an abundance of energy, passion arises in order to use this energy in a specific way. The creative/passion function, with such a strong desire to make something manifest, pushes the energy/substance through the self-point and into our experience. Each human being has the RIGHT to exist. We have to decide if we WANT to exist. If this is accepted then the intense desire to be alive and the commitment to that existence becomes anchored in time/space. The refusal to anchor is called hiding. We are wired to be open, clear, well-boundaried and personally unique. By claiming space (the right to exist) we can more fully want to exist. 

True outer authority comes only from inner authority. The inner authority is a Soul’s wisdom anchored through personal identity in the body. As children our sense of personal identity develops in relation to how much influence we have on the external world, how many personal needs we get fulfilled and how much understanding of reality we can encompass. If identity is aligned with our Soul, authority naturally exists. If identity is aligned with family, past lives or societal patterns instead, we generate power for false outer authority, which is a compensation for the not-enoughness of Self. 

The components of the state of being called courage are biochemical and energetic. It is not just the “absence of fear” – instead it is mastery in the face of fear! 

The heart charka energy is an important component of courage and it is undergoing reconstruction in many people at this time. It is evolving into a greater capacity for receiving and holding unconditional love. This change is affecting the thymus gland which energetically feeds the heart charka and helps us to determine what is “self” and what is “other”.

The 3rd chakra represents identity and is the center for personal power. Through the second chakra run the energies of creativity, pleasure and passion. The root chakra represents our safety and security. When these chakras work together synchronistically, we gain power and are able to function more effectively in our everyday living.

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